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Why Poor Customer Ratings Can Ruin Your Business

The benefits of having good ratings is obvious.

But at the same time, bad ratings can have a devastating effect on your business. In the same report, it was reported that restaurants are more affected by negative reviews than any other business type.

86% of consumers surveyed reported that they would hesitate to do business with a company that had negative online reviews.

Plus, 22% of consumers will outright choose not to do business with a company after reading just one negative review.

Further, they report that, on average, a single negative review costs companies (across all industries) 30 customers.

These numbers are frightening for any restaurateur. And they further reinforce the need to stay on top of your ratings and reviews at these popular online ratings sites.

Dealing With Poor Customer Ratings and Reviews

The natural response when seeing a negative review about your business is to fire back and defend yourself.

This is a big mistake because it gives off the idea that you do not care about your customer opinions and you’re not trying to rectify their issue.

Likewise, you should not simply ignore the review. It could sit prominently online for years, costing you customers and potential revenue. So take a deep breath, relax and follow these three steps.

First, you should offer a genuine and heartfelt apology.

Using a calm and reasonable tone, attempt to address the customer’s concern without seeming defensive.

Secondly, offer a workable solution. Take the criticism for what it is and come up with a sensible way to make this customer happy again.

Finally, thank the customer for bringing their concern to your attention.

While the negative review will remain online, the interaction you had with the customer will make your restaurant seem much more favorable and customer-focused.

It gives the public a clear indication that you care about your customers and will do what it takes to give them a positive experience.

For details on how to deal with negative reviews, and how to proactively improve your online ratings, download our free customer success report, Rocket Your Restaurant Ratings and Reviews.

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