Email Marketing - How I Make Sales In Minutes

Email Marketing – How I Make Sales In Minutes


How I Make Sales In Minutes

how i make sales in minutesI am going to show you EXACTLY how I personally make sales in minutes. I’m not going to give you theory or “what if” scenarios. I am going to give you a real-life case study that demonstrates EXACTLY how I use my own TrafficWave AutoResponders to generate profits in minutes with the click of a mouse button.

Before I relate what happened to me, there is a critical concept I want you to get deep in to your mind. This concept is critical to experiencing success in your online marketing. Even if you are involved in every form of social networking, search engine optimization, classified ads, banner ads, etc… if you miss this one concept, you are going to lose sales.

This concept is:

Don’t just pass that by without really letting it sink in. Most businesses, when trying to build their online sales, focus strictly on getting more visitors, optimizing their web pages, making sure the graphics are nice, linking strategies, running more ads, etc…

And all of those are good things to work on. But if building your own lists isn’t your initial primary goal in marketing your business, you are absolutely missing sales. Every ad I run … Every interaction I have with my prospects is geared toward getting them in to my list so I can follow up with them. This is the big secret to how I make sales in minutes.

Yes, my web site has sales copy and makes it very easy for visitors to order. When someone does arrive at my site ready to order, I’m more than happy to close the sale. But my three primary objectives have been and will continue to be:

1. The List.

2. The List

3. The List.

Here’s why (and this is how I literally start generating sales in minutes):

I’ll give you an example of something I personally did within the last few days:

1. I created a sales message using my TrafficWave AutoResponder Message Editor.

2. I used the “Broadcast” feature on my AutoResponder to send the sales message out to my list.

3. Before the system had completed sending the message out to my lists, new sales were already coming in.

Why did this work?

1. I have built a targeted list using my TrafficWave AutoResponder.

2. I sent an offer that presented something of interest to my subscribers.

3. Because I have been building rapport with my list, many of those subscribers trust me and are willing to purchase or at least consider purchasing from me at any time.

The best part is that I can do this over and over again any time I have an offer to send to my lists. It is very common for me to be able to generate hundreds or even thousands of dollars of business over 1 to 3 days by using this same technique. This is literally how I make sales in minutes!

This is a text-book example of how you can use TrafficWave AutoResponders in your own business.

The key is to build and mange your own in-house lists.

Whether you already have a list or you’re just getting started building your list, the TrafficWave AutoResponder system teaches you how to get started quickly. The key is to get started with our 30 Day Free Trial Offer so that you can get started putting TrafficWave AutoResponders to work in your own business.

Don’t let another day go by without starting to build your own targeted in-house lists.

Start Your 30 Day Free Trial Today

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