Ishu Preet Singh – Youngest Star in the world of Digital Marketing | IWMBuzz

Ishu Preet Singh – Youngest Star in the world of Digital Marketing | IWMBuzz


His stature and age may leave you in delusion but through his hard work, dedication and tactics he has announced his claim to the position of the youngest digital entrepreneur. Ishu Preet Singh started his career in this field when he was just witnessing the 12th summer of his life and as I already mentioned through his serious devotion, sustained efforts and skilful approach, being instead in his 16th year, he is now the owner and CEO of a digital company running under the title of “Smarter Circle”. Having his own company was Ishu’s dream and through his unwavering determination, he turned it into sheer reality.

Ishu belongs to Kashmir – a paradise on earth, but since 2016 his motherland has witnessed a lot of bloodshed and trying times. In the middle of these darker years, he emerged victorious through his competent decisions in the mechanism of digital marketing.

Throughout his career, Ishu has been lucky enough to win a chance to work as a digital entrepreneur with successful actors and artists. For having a successful professional life he has always longed to work and be in association with people who come from a creative industrial background.

For the sake of remaining intact with his motherland, Ishu decided to operate his company from Kashmir along with the crew. Through his honest work approaches, he has won opportunities to work with many clients. Ishu is all focusing on learning and exploring things to enlarge the growth of his company.

Ishu Preet Singh is not only an inspirational entrepreneur for the people around his but he is also a good human being who gives preference and value his ethics and beliefs. His life is an encouragement for those who have lost the hope to live, love and survive.

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