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How to Become a Digital Marketing Expert in Ahmedabad? – MindxMaster


Ahmedabad is one of the most prosperous cities in India, offering an ample scope of career growth and job opportunities. As the city continues to grow, new avenues are opening every day in different realms of the IT sector. One such case holds true for Digital Marketing, which in itself is growing at an exponential rate.

A sector that is soon set to cross the ₹539 crore mark in valuation, Digital Marketing has been growing at almost 40% in the past 3-4 years. This growth has further been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, as businesses shift online to allow employees to work from home. As this sector continues to boom, more and more graduates are getting inclined towards this to secure their IT careers.

Students enroll themselves in online certificate courses to learn the skills required to become a Digital Marketing Professional. Many students are also going for a Digital Marketing course in Ahmedabad, a city that hosts various Ad agencies and IT companies. But what is the scope of pursuing a digital marketing career in Ahmedabad?

Let’s look at some stats to help us figure out this. Before that, let’s quickly revise what digital marketing is and what it entails for the future.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the modification of old practices in marketing by replacing them with online modes. Any marketing communication which is done through digital/online channels like the internet, social media, web apps, emails, etc., falls under the umbrella of digital marketing. As the world goes online, this wing of marketing is swallowing down other traditional ways.

This field is an amalgamation of various departments in an organization, including Marketing, Sales, Content, Product, Analysis (both Business and Data), Designing, etc. All these professionals come together to deliver a successful digital marketing project/campaign.

It is supported by modern ways of targeting customers, including SEO, SMO, SME, etc. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps increase the reach of a web page or a website on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). SMO helps in improving the reach on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

What are the Job Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Professional?

The ambit of digital marketing is not limited to just one work, and thus a professional in this field can be called upon to perform various duties. 

A digital marketing manager must lead a time full of diverse job professionals and guide them towards successful campaigns. This professional should have at least a basic knowledge in all these domains for efficient functioning. Some of the key responsibilities and day-to-day tasks in a digital marketing job are listed below.

In addition to these, a digital marketing expert is also required to stay updated about the latest trends in the social world, whether these are challenges or memes which are going on. Using them in your clickbaits increases the chance of a user clicking on your ad.

What are the Job Roles for a Digital Marketing Role in Ahmedabad?

Some of the key roles for a Digital Marketing role in Ahmedabad are mentioned in this table below.

Job RoleAverage Salary Package
Digital Marketing Manager₹ 5,45,000
Digital Marketing Lead₹ 5,05,000
eCommerce Manager₹ 4,79,000
Content Manager₹ 5,49,000
Social Media Manager₹ 3,47,000
Analytics Specialist₹ 8,25,000
SEO Manager₹ 5,22,000
Email Marketing Specialist₹ 4,10,000
Content Writer₹ 2,85,000
Sales Lead₹ 3,59,000
Product Manager₹ 13,17,000
Business Development Manager₹ 5,98,000
Marketing Research Analyst₹ 3,37,000
Brand Marketing Manager₹ 9,87,000
Business Analyst₹ 6,06,000
Data Analyst₹ 4,39,000
Lead Generation Specialist₹ 3,45,000
Communications Officer₹ 4,79,000
Digital Marketing Intern₹ 1,20,000
Sales Executive₹ 2,38,000

Which are the Top Companies Recruiting for Digital Marketing in Ahmedabad?

Some of the best companies recruiting for Digital Marketing in Ahmedabad are:

In addition to these, top MNCs and big names in the IT world also hire experts in digital marketing. Some such companies are:

What are the Key Skills Required to Become a Digital Marketing Expert?

Some of the key skills required in a Digital Marketing expert are:

This list is endless and there are numerous other skills to learn. However, these give the gist of what you will require majorly in your digital marketing career. There are various online courses to learn these skills. Popular Digital Marketing courses are offered by Google, Simplilearn, Udemy, Coursera, and many other websites.

The average salary after a Digital Marketing course in Ahmedabad is around ₹4,81,000. So if you also want to join this field, join an online course from a certified trainer now.

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