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HirePaths is a Kansas-originated educational campaign to inform and excite parents and guardians about options their child can pursue after high school to quickly and affordably launch a well-paying, in-demand career.

The campaign, which is now running across multiple social media platforms and a website at
hirepaths.com, highlights Kansas employers who offer great entry-level career opportunities, often right out of high school. The site also features inspirational stories of Kansans who have achieved career success after completing a variety of training and educational opportunities.

The program’s goal is to eliminate any stigma parents may have about their child pursuing on-the-job training, apprenticeships, or technical and community college after high school. Parents are the biggest influence on a child’s career path, so they need to understand all the possibilities. HirePaths provides resources so parents can help their children explore various career and training options together and read real-life stories about skilled professionals in Kansas with satisfying careers that do not require a bachelor’s degree.

While four-year college was often the best path for financial success after WWII, that is no longer the only option, as the demand — and salaries — for highly skilled workers in technical trades has grown dramatically. Many employers offer extensive on-the-job training programs, will pay for their employees to get skilled training, or will reimburse employees the costs related to completing additional education.

The HirePaths program is the brainchild of New Boston Creative Group, LLC and is funded by major employers and professional associations. HirePath’s founding investors include Textron Aviation, Stormont Vail Health, and the Kansas Contractors Association. Job opportunities and employees of these companies are featured on the site and in social media.

“Kansas employers have thousands of jobs they can’t fill because of a lack of skilled and willing
applicants,” said Kristin Brighton, co-owner of New Boston Creative Group. “By getting more young
people into the workforce — training them, hiring them and giving them transferrable skills — Kansas will grow its economy and help keep young people in our state.”

“We decided this was an effort our company could take the lead on, since it will benefit many of our
clients facing labor shortages, and hopefully help the entire state recover from the economic losses suffered during the pandemic,” said Lisa Sisley, co-owner of New Boston Creative Group.

Opportunities exist for other employers, industries, and investors to get involved. Contact Kristin
Brighton ([email protected] or 785-587-8185) for more information. 

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