5 things which make digital marketing a viable career options post-pandemic era - Education Today News

5 things which make digital marketing a viable career options post-pandemic era – Education Today News


The pandemic made businesses shift their marketing strategies to digital, and in some cases, change their business model to one that is more skewed to online. The essential work-from-home lifestyle has highlighted the effectiveness of remote working. Businesses have realized that to succeed in the neo-digital age, they need to establish their online presence- an outstanding one. And since Digital Marketing is a fairly novel and dynamic concept, with no specific theory in place, brands often require specialists to guide them with a strategy and execution.

The digital multiverse unlocks employment across various verticals that require specialization. This has made Digital Marketing one of the most sought-after courses online. All one has to do is identify a vertical of interest, upgrade their digital marketing skills, and apply for the domain that suits you best.

What makes Digital Marketing the best career option in the post-pandemic era? Here are 5 reasons you must consider making a career in digital marketing by the expert Angad Singh Manchanda, Co-founder and CEO, Chimp&z Inc

Digital marketing job roles are the future

According to LinkedIn, the role of “Digital Marketing Specialist” is among the top 10 most in-demand jobs and with good reason.The fact that digitalization is irreversible and ever-evolving, there’ll always be something for the ones who understand the working of the digital space. While traditional marketing has its spot in marketing strategy, Digital marketing is quickly taking over, thanks to the affordability and analytics feature. The growth of the digital marketing career and its demand has been tremendous over the last decade.

Open to professionals from all walks of life

Your qualifications do not define you here, but your ability to advance your digital aptitude. All you need is a knack for understanding how the internet works and what works on the internet. If sometime in life you are looking for a change, Digital Marketing has its arms open for you! It’s never too late to take up a course in one of the in-demand streams of digital marketing and enter the market.

Scope to make a career that pays well quickly

Imagine this. Your digital skillset is a commodity with a huge demand by brands and agencies. Now that the demand is increasing, but the supply is relatively low, you will have an upper hand in negotiating for a worthy salary. The more up-to-date your skills are, the more is your negotiation power. An individual’s professional growth graph in this industry can steeply slope upward if planned well and in advance.

Your workstation will be portable

The pandemic has broken the myth in India that the office setup is an ideal work setup. When all your work is processed, saved, and shared online, like in Digital Marketing, you can do your job from any corner of the world. Your physical presence may not make much of a difference to the output. Post-pandemic, the need for relocating for a job may be irrelevant in the digital multiverse. If you have a laptop/desktop, a decent internet connection, and adequate means of communication, you will not have to commute.

You’ll have the flexibility for a meaningful work-life balance

Digital agencies have diverged from the typical MNC work culture and created one that is more employee-friendly. Putting the employees’ well-being to the front, agencies like ours have updated their policies with Women’s Care leaves and Mental Healthcare leaves during the pandemic. While the job will need you to be on your toes at times, you will have the liberty to prioritize life over work when needed.

The post-pandemic economy will emerge with a larger database of tech-savvy consumers, naturally making brands adapt to Digital Marketing. The scope of employment in this industry will only boom in the coming years. Youngsters have been considering this area at the very beginning stage of their careers. The concept of internships at agencies has given them a chance to explore before fixating on a career path. But the beauty of Digital Marketing is that it’s never too late to restart your career with Digital Marketing.

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