[100% OFF] Ultimate SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing Course 2021 | SmartyBro

[100% OFF] Ultimate SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing Course 2021 | SmartyBro



Even if you’re a complete beginner, my course teaches you everything you need to know to make Facebook Marketing, Facebook, Instagram and Messenger Ads work for you. YOU GET:

✔ Complete walkthrough guide to Facebook Marketing & Advertising

✔ Master guide to professional Video Creation for FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM & YOUTUBE – with input from experienced Video Producer who has created ads for Pepsi, Nike, Adidas, and multiple other big-name brands

✔ Guide to Facebook 3 new score relevancy metrics – quality ranking, engagement rate ranking, conversion rate ranking

✔ Easy and quick Facebook business page optimization

✔ Facebook competition analysis to give you an edge over your rivals

✔ Guide to creating Facebook posts that get MAXIMUM engagement

✔ Guide to MASTERING Facebook messenger ads that get clients instantly

✔ Learning resources that help you use Facebook jobs to benefit your business

✔ MASTER Facebook pixel guide (including Events)

✔ Facebook remarketing strategies to make your budget go much further

✔ Facebook lookalike audiences guide to help expand your reach

✔ Blueprint to quickly create targeted Facebook local ads

✔ Blueprint to create TARGETED Facebook lead generation ads that bring the RIGHT kind of traffic

✔ Blueprint to create Facebook traffic ads that bring you PAYING CUSTOMERS

✔ Facebook keywords research guide

✔ Facebook business analytics guide to help you build sustainable growth and make smarter improvements

✔ Guide to using Facebook local ads with Google local ads for MAX RESULTS

✔ Walk through on constructing magnetic Facebook ENGAGEMENT ads that effortlessly attract interest

✔ Powerful Facebook video ads TECHNIQUES that attract a viral following

✔ Professional looking Facebook video creation TUITION

✔ Guide to making Facebook video polls that boost engagement

✔ Blueprint to making Facebook reach ads that unlock new market sectors

✔ Facebook blueprints to give you the highest quality rating

✔ Facebook blueprints to boost brand new business pages

✔ Facebook blueprints for effective Real Estate marketing

✔ MASTER Facebook Messenger Ads (including Lead Forms & Retargeting)

✔ Strategies to DRASTICALLY BOOST your Facebook quality ranking

✔ Tips to MASSIVELY IMPROVE your Facebook engagement ranking

✔ Guide to the Facebook Conversion rate rating and how to boost it

✔ Blueprint to creating Facebook polls that boost engagement

✔ MASTER GUIDE to effective Facebook content creation

✔ Facebook conversion ads blueprints that will BOOST YOUR SALES

✔ Walkthrough on how to use Facebook advanced pixel settings with Events

✔ MASTER GUIDE to Facebook catalogue feeds and sales

✔ Blueprints to create Facebook & Instagram & Messenger dynamic ads that work 24/7 for your brand

✔ Guide to smart Facebook retargeting

✔ Facebook BEST practices Guide

✔ Savvy Facebook personas tips and marketing tricks

✔ Facebook advanced targeting guide

✔ Complete guide to Facebook ads manager

✔ Complete guide to Facebook business manager

✔ Walkthrough on using Facebook Creative Hub

✔ Guide to using Facebook insights to target and make valuable tweaks that GROW YOUR AUDIENCE!

✔ How to use Facebook search to GET SEEN

✔ Guide to Facebook canvas

✔ Guide to using Google Analytics to boost your Facebook ads

✔ Facebook & Instagram marketing trends

✔ Facebook To-Do lists for Dynamic Ads and Lead Ads

✔ And so much more!

Wait, there’s even more! Not only will you get all my expert Facebook Ads knowledge, you’ll also receive 13 POWERFUL SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING STRATEGIES:

✔ Cutting Edge Social Media Strategy to Master Viral Video Content Creation

✔ KEY Social Media Marketing Trends – CONSTANTLY UPDATED

✔ Social Media Essentials Guide to building MAGNETIC content

✔ Why you should THINK SOCIAL FIRST on Social Media – How a Traditional Marketing Mindset may be holding you back

✔ Facebook vs. Instagram – KEY Advertising differences & Best practice STRATEGY

✔ Strategical Guide to Decreasing Facebook Ads Costs using your Facebook Relevance Score

✔ My winning Internet Efficiency Award Facebook Strategy – REAL CASE STUDIES with Score Relevancy 10

✔ My Super-Fast PROVEN Instagram TURBO-BOOSTER

✔ SEO & Social Media Marketing Optimization – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

✔ Insider Social Media Keywords Research to help you WIN at Social Media Search

✔ Super-hacks for Positive Reputation Management

✔ Super-hacks to unlock the full power of Google my Business

✔ Easy Walkthroughs made for total Social Media Beginners available throughout the whole course

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