A Complete Guide to Digital Marketing During the Holidays

A Complete Guide to Digital Marketing During the Holidays


The holidays are the most joyous time of the year and also the busiest shopping season. Often, holiday sales make up a monumental amount of a business’s overall revenue. To fully take advantage of the holidays, you will need the right digital marketing strategies.

Start The Digital Marketing Campaign Early

To be on par with the competition, you will want to promptly elevate your digital marketing efforts so that you can appeal to as many potential customers as possible. A large number of businesses start promoting their holiday sales between September and October, so you don’t want to be left behind. Delaying the start of your holiday digital marketing campaign can result in lost sales and customers.

Email Marketing

Email has long been a profound digital marketing tactic. It’s a great way to reach the masses, track your performance, and achieve fast results. With email, you will know what’s working and what’s not exactly hitting the mark.

Here are email marketing tips to drive holiday sales:

Review Successes and Failures From Previous Years

Reflect on the holiday engagement and conversion details to recognize the successes to mimic and other areas that could use some fine-tuning. Focus on trends in calls to action, high-performing subject lines, and promotions to make informative decisions for the forthcoming holiday season.

Assess Your Promotional Strategy

Your promotional offers for Black Friday or Cyber Monday should be exceptional. At this time of the year, customers are expecting substantial discounts. The holiday season presents an opportunity to give your loyal customers early access to deals and special promotions which will bring your brand to the forefront when they consider treating themselves or others.

Increase the Number of Emails Sent

Your subscribers are likely to tolerate receiving more emails from your business during the holiday season. You can start by beefing up your email messaging in late October and pay attention to contact loss rates so that you can understand how your subscribers are reacting. When January arrives, you should decrease the number of emails sent to soften the surge of unsubscribes.

Social Media Marketing

It’s critical to include social media marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy. Social media enables businesses to boost awareness and sales during the holiday season by utilizing targeted social media campaigns on their exclusive offerings. It also enables businesses to connect with consumers on a personal level, especially when it comes to Facebook and Instagram. You could lose out on many potential customers if you don’t market socially around the holidays.

Here are some social media tips for holiday marketing:

Holiday-Themed Content

You can post short-form content on social media only or you can post long-form content on your website’s blog and then share it on your social media page.

Long-Form Holiday Content

Long-form content from your website’s blog can drive traffic from social media.

Ideas For Long-Form Holiday Content: ​​​​​​

Short-Form Holiday Content

You can post questions, polls, or memes so you can get quick engagement from shares and comments.

Ideas For Short-Form Holiday Content: ​​​​​​

Create Holiday-Themed Hashtags

Hashtags are an excellent way to get people to discuss a certain topic and it also makes it easier to find your business on social media. In some circumstances, it only takes a handful of people to use a certain hashtag for it to go viral. It’s essential to make sure your message is impactful, timely, or both.

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