Claudia Karba - A name to reckon with in the Digital Marketing space. |

Claudia Karba – A name to reckon with in the Digital Marketing space. |


Traversing into diverse areas of profession and acquiring success is not everyone’s cup of tea. It necessitates an abundance of dedication and initiative attitude to learn and grow in various fields. Claudia Karba is an unblemished obstinate woman who successfully managed to excel. She is a coach, entrepreneur, digital marketer, manager, business strategist, and owner of multiple recognized companies. In her initial days, she served under senior management in various Australian and multinational retail corporations from where she got ample relevant skills and experience which she later employed in her career to grow as a leader. She worked for almost 20 years under senior management and then finally quit the job to look for something influential to venture out. Her love for animals stimulated her to inaugurate a company with her pet friend entitled ‘Sasha and Me’ which is a million-dollar firm. The business runs as an orphanage for waif pets and renders them care and love throughout. She has been administering this company for almost 7 years and has received an enormous amount of appreciation for undertaking noble acts. With the passage of time, she associated herself with learning the different domains apart from focusing on her company.

Succeeding in her life, She felt the urgency of opening up a company where she can provide valuable services to people to grow online, and thus, she initiated a digital marketing agency called ‘We Are Social Media’. With her relentless efforts and skill, she supported numerous business persons to make 7 figure incomes. She makes landing pages, Facebook ads, sales funnel, content creation, etc. for her clients and serves them to progress digitally. She assists entrepreneurs in their business and aids them to obtain brand credibility.

Claudia believes in continuous hard work, persistence, patience, consistency, and teamwork. She holds that people should invest in themselves and put in all the disciplines it requires to achieve astounding success in life. She firmly argues that without spending on yourself in any form be it time, money, struggles, trust, you can not go a long way. Besides one should encompass themselves with positive-minded people who proffer positive vibes all the time. Being an optimistic person, she makes believe her clients that how they can achieve 7 figure income by executing the right concept and plans even though the client is in a view of earning 5 figure. She fancies guiding people on their work and how they can sincerely attain an online presence successfully. 

Claudia Karba is a superwoman who is unstoppable. Her passion for work and achieve the most exceptional in life is pushing her to accomplish more. She has been featured in different news articles for her incredible performance. Her company has gained sufficient goodwill and she endeavors at expanding her company in other countries and become a leader who can set a magnificent precedent for other women.

To know more about Claudia, follow her on @claudiakarba

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