Digipreneur Bhavin Bhavsar’s words on why Digital Marketing is the current big thing

Digipreneur Bhavin Bhavsar’s words on why Digital Marketing is the current big thing


It’s been more than two decades now that Indians got used to the internet being a normal part of our environment. The earlier part of the millennium actually saw the big bang wherein the entire country was seen getting into the digital bubble and apart from the professionals, the youth and the teenagers were eager to get their first email ids. Since then, there has been no looking back. Then came the social media and people flocked onto chat rooms and other socialising websites. That’s wherein the concept of digital marketing actually kicked in and became the common talk in no time.

Entrepreneur Bhavin Bhavsar recollects his days of a 9-5 job before he actually understood the domain of digital marketing and his passion led him to make a better decision of quitting his job and taking up Digital Marketing as a full-time profession and becoming a Digiprenuer. “The monotonous work and the lack of a challenge to look forward to is what made me contemplate my decision. I realized that the world of Digital Marketing holds untapped potential for me and taking that plunge was the best decision of my life”

Throughout the years, the digital world has seen major strides. Today, SEO, SMO, Social Media Management are words that seem like a child’s play. But the amount of effort and backend work that goes into it is something that one can understand once they are neck-deep into it. There are people out there who try to gain superficial knowledge and start working as soon as they learn the basics of it. Digital Marketing goes way beyond and it takes years and more to reach a level wherein you can proudly boast of your work. Digital Marketing is the need of the hour and anyone who plans to reach out to the world, be it in terms of their business, products or services needs to get in touch with someone who can manage their presence online.

In times, wherein a pandemic has caused offices to shut down and people are confined to the four walls of their homes to work from, it is social media and digital marketing that has played a major role in pushing out businesses to people’s palms and even helped startups to flourish in spite of the tough market situation. If one lists out the professions that are here to stay for the longer run, Digital Marketing definitely stands among the top.

Individuals, corporates, companies, businesses, services, there is no field that does not require the support of an online presence or the digital platform to be up and running in today’s time. Being a digipreneur for more than a decade now and having won numerous accolades for it, Bhavin today caters to clientele in India and overseas. His penchant for digital media and his keen eye for quality makes him the most preferred digital marketeer that the current times have to offer.

Not only this, but he also collected the award for the “Entrepreneur Of The year-2021- Digital Marketing” recently. “Being an entrepreneur is no cakewalk”, says Bhavin, “but when you put your heart and sweat into it, it hardly remains a task anymore!”

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