Digital Marketing 101 For Network Marketers - Tips & Tricks

Digital Marketing 101 For Network Marketers – Tips & Tricks


Digital Marketing 101 for Network Marketers – Digital Marketing is becoming the way successful network marketers impact the world and grow their business.

But what is digital marketing? And how can you use it as a network marketer? Why should you use digital marketing to grow your network marketing business? Where do you start?

By the end of this, I hope you will be convinced that digital marketing is network marketing for the future. And that the biggest success secret of network marketers at the top is applying the principles of digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses all the ways that you advertise your product, service or opportunity to other people online.

There are a variety of digital marketing mediums and strategies that revolve around some of these platforms:

Digital Marketing Benefits for Network Marketers

Building a network marketing business through digital marketing techniques can not only differentiate you from the millions of other people doing or selling the same thing, but it can give you access to a much larger group of people over time.

According to statistics from ZDNet, the average person spends at least five hours a day on their phone with a majority of that time spent on social media. Overall, people in 2019 were spending an average of six hours every day online.

These numbers are expected to sharply increase when they are calculated over 2020 and are expected to continue to rise as time goes on.

With a vast majority of people spending time online, as a marketer, you need to meet people where they are. And if people are online, that’s where you need to be too.

Here are a list of digital marketing benefits for network marketers:

Best Ways to Use Digital Marketing in Your Network Marketing Business

The best thing about digital marketing is that it allows you to use the idea of “Pull” marketing vs. a “push” marketing mentality.

Pull Marketing is when you draw people to you based upon targeting your idea prospect. It’s also known as attracted marketing. Your message is sent to a specific person who is likely already interested in what you have to offer.

Push Marketing is basically the equivalent of cold-calling (or cold messaging). You push your product, service or opportunity out to the masses without defined targeting.

When you make a list of 100 people and send out mass text messages, you may catch a few fish. And this is how many network marketers start.

But if you really want to become successful at network marketing on a national or global scale, you can use attraction marketing to bring your ideal customer or prospect to you.

This is where digital marketing comes in.

Becoming a Successful Network Marketer Through Digital Marketing

Through the internet, digital marketing has opened up a variety of ways where we can find our ideal customer by attracting them to us. My favorite way to do this is through building a blog for network marketing and optimizing its SEO toward my ideal prospect.

However, I can accomplish similar goals through social media too. Many network marketers make the mistake of looking at how many people saw their company generated social media post. When the question they should be asking themselves is whether or not the RIGHT PERSON is seeing their network marketing business posts.

When you can learn to narrow down who your customer is and discover her interests and where she is hanging out on online, that’s when you have truly mastered the art of digital marketing for network marketers.

Grow Your Side Hustle without bugging your family and Friends

Anyone who has entered a network marketing business has found out relatively quickly that in order to be successful, you have to expand outside of your warm market.

The hard truth is that your family and friends only have so much money every month to support your business.

Many network marketers start out strong and then fizzle out fast when they can’t grow their business long term. They get frustrated and many talk about how their family and friends aren’t supportive of their goals.

But the problem isn’t that they aren’t supportive. It’s that they never had the ability to help you GROW. In order for you to grow your network marketing business, you have to constantly be selling more products.

That means that you either have to ask your warm market to buy more products OR you have to find more customers.

If you live in a small town, like I do, there are only SO many customers. Add in developing an over-saturated market, and you’re setting yourself (and your local team) up to fail.

Using digital marketing as a network marketer can be the key to stop bugging your family and friends so you can start growing your business.

Using Digital Marketing to Narrow Down Ideal Customers for Your Network Marketing Business

Digital Marketing is THE way to build a residual income as a network marketer solely because it allows you to target your products, services or opportunities directly to your idea customer.

Here’s a few ways that this works.

You can target your message to where your targeted customer hangs out. Think about the differences between the different social media platforms. A mass majority of one demographic will prefer instagram or snapchat. Another demographic will prefer Twitter. Another demographic will like TikTok and yet another will hang out on LinkedIn. Still another will spend a most of their time on Youtube. And yet another group of people spend hours scrolling Pinterest or Facebook.

But it’s not just that, your ideal customer is hanging out somewhere within these platforms. What hashtags do they follow? What groups are they in? What are they pinning?

Your ideal customer is probably searching for something on Google. What questions are they asking? What can you answer for them?

Digital marketing allows you, as a network marketer to define that person, put yourself in the places they are hanging out and attract them to you.

Digital Marketing Mistakes Made by Network Marketers

The biggest mistake I see network marketers make with their digital marketing that they spend all of their time selling and very little time actually marketing.

When I say “marketing,” I mean defining your target audience and offering them messages of value to them.

Unfortunately, most network marketers do what I call “selling”. In other words, they post their company product images multiple times a day with links to their website.

“BUY! BUY! BUY, ” their message screams.

And then, when that doesn’t work, they begin sending messages to everyone on their list. And when that doesn’t work, they start friend requesting strangers and sending messages to those people.

They post in groups asking, “How do I make more sales?” and “Which is better? A Facebook group or a page?”

Then they start to get frustrated. “No one is buying,” they post in the group.

Eventually, they become frustrated and quit.

All the while, what they never realized is that all they were doing was selling – never truly marketing.

How Attraction Marketing Works for Digital Marketing Campaigns

Attraction Marketing is the key for network marketing success in network marketing. Attraction marketing finds that perfect customer online, serves them valuable content, and pulls them into your network.

As a network marketer, you can use attraction marketing on social media by posting valuable content onto the platform your ideal customer is spending the most time on.

You can further narrow your message by speaking to the person with value on hashtags or in groups they are following.

Value does not mean sell. Value means GIVE.

When your ideal customer is following certain hashtags, what is she looking for? What is her motivation?

When she is typing into Google, what question does she want answered. How can you answer that question.

Once you have provided the value, the person is pulled into your network and they are already primed to buy when THEY are ready (which doesn’t always line up with when YOU are ready.

When should I start Focusing on Digital Marketing for My Network Marketing Business


You should begin focusing on digital marketing for your network marketing business as soon as possible.

Here’s the hard reality.

Building a business online takes time.

It took a full year of posting on my blog once a week for it to rank in search results.

I had to rely on my warm market until my digital market took off.

So as soon as you start a network marketing business, you should start building your digital marketing strategy and start implementing it ASAP.

My Network Marketing Success Story

Hey everyone, my name is Jennifer Francis. I joined Avon in 2018. By the end of 2019, I was listed as a #1 Nationwide leader in my company. By 2020, I was nationally ranked in the top 10 in four different categories.

I am a nationally ranked leader and top seller for Avon. I lead a team of 1000 women (and growing). I teach people how to implement marketing in their business – not selling. And I show my team the power of developing relationships.

Jennifer Francis is a Nationally Ranked Leader with Avon and the founder of Timeless Beauty Life – where she encourages people to create their own lifestyle that is timeless by creating memories that last a lifetime.

Jennifer is NUMBER ONE in the country for personal leader development – where she develops her team members and helps them to make more money in the company. Her team of Timeless Beauties rank #3 in the Nation in Team Size Growth and Top 10 in the nation for team sales increase. The Timeless Beauties are also a part of the FASTEST GROWING TEAM IN THE NATION!

She helps other representatives with free tips and training in her Facebook Group Timeless Beauty Lessons.

The Hailey Hugs Initiative

Jennifer Francis is also the founder of the Hailey Hugs Initiative, which seeks to provide comfort to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. She is the Author of A Hug Through the Air – a children’s book she wrote in memory of her 22 month old daughter Hailey Hallam.

Jennifer loves giving back to the world around her and encourages her team to do the same, while simultaneously showing them how to create a lifestyle that is more open to making memories with family and traveling.

Connect with Jennifer Francis

You can Find her on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest or join the growing community of people and discuss how to create YOUR own Timeless Beauty Life. The Timeless Beauty Life Facebook community offers travel tips, organizational tips, recipes, family tips, beauty tips, health tips and so much more. Come discuss YOUR passions with us by Joining the Timeless Beauty Life Facebook Group.

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