7 Essential Skills to Become a Sought After Digital Marketing Manager and Analyst - Remote Staff

7 Essential Skills to Become a Sought After Digital Marketing Manager and Analyst – Remote Staff


As businesses expand online, marketing online is now a crucial part of operations. Companies need proper strategies to show their products and services across the web.

With all the strategies, how do you know what works or what doesn’t? Most business owners don’t have the expertise to do that.

That’s the reason digital marketing managers and analysts are in-demand online jobs today.

What does a Digital Marketing Manager and Analyst do?

Digital marketing managers and analysts are usually the leaders of the marketing team. They implement and oversee marketing campaigns and strategies on the internet. It might be through websites, social media, ads, and a combination of most.

They also gather and analyze data before and after every campaign to ensure that businesses have effective marketing strategies. Afterwards, they report their findings and results to upper management.

Sounds tough? It depends. But it’s a rewarding career. If you’re inclined to this field, here are 7 essential skills to become a sought after digital marketing manager and analyst

Know Your Audience

The most essential skill in marketing is knowing your audience. It might be commonsensical, but a lot of marketers do campaigns without even truly understanding who they are marketing for.

What’s your customer demographic? How do they speak? What values do they resonate with? You have to know this because you will set the pace for your team. And knowing your audience will help the team reach the proper market.

Social Media Skills

Next in line is social media skills. Most of the customers today are connected online, especially with the pandemic. People learned to live their lives with technology in their hands. And most of this is connected with their social media. Even our account and application logins are connected with it.

After knowing their demographics, you should know what social media is the perfect avenue to market your client’s products and services. Is it Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, or LinkedIn? Should you focus on one platform or have multiple platforms at once?

And when you have chosen the social media platforms you need, do you know how to create ads and organic traffic and maximize it to your advantage?

You should have a deep understanding of social media to perform well in this field.

Basic SEO Skills

If you’re marketing online, you should be familiar with Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Basically, SEO aims to bring more traffic to your website by optimizing keywords, content, and other SEO elements.

It’s important because this drives organic traffic or traffic you don’t pay ads with. With this, regardless if you have a marketing campaign or not, people will visit your client’s website. And investing in that knowledge can bring more income for your company.

You don’t need to master SEO fully. But as the digital marketing manager and analyst, you should know the basics to move forward.

Basic Copywriting

How do you influence someone online to buy? Even if you know your market, you need to have the right messaging that resonates with your customers. And that’s where copywriting comes in.

Copywriting is a form of writing that aims to persuade people to do an action. It can be to engage their customers into buying, subscribing to a newsletter, or more.

You may not be the one to do this. But you should know the basics to create a cohesive campaign messaging for your team.

Project Management Skills

Most likely, you will be working together with different teams to reach your goal. It can be with content writers, graphics designers, web developers, lead generations specialists, and more. You should have the project management skills to handle the team.

How do you work together to create effective marketing campaigns? It’s your job to delegate this precious human resource productively.

Analytical Skills

Digital marketing should not be approached by pure trial and error. Most campaigns should be well-thought-out with backed up with data. And analytical skills will help you do just that.

With complex data on hand, you should be able to discern the meaning. And provide easy-to-understand versions for your team and your bosses.

It can then be used to create a new campaign or improve an existing one to your company’s advantage.


As a sought after digital marketing manager and analyst, you should be up-to-date with the latest trends in the market. What trends can you ride on and would impact your target market? Can you create new trends yourself?

And being up-to-date is not limited to marketing campaign ideas. You should also be aware of the innovations in social media and tech. For example, new features and engagement content might be available now on specific platforms. Or certain tools might be useful for your team.

Be up-to-date to remain competitive in your market.

Are you ready to become a sought after digital marketing manager and analyst? With the skills above, you will surely stand out among the rest. If you’re looking for online job opportunities, you can check this link for more information. Cheers to a thriving remote working career

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