Digi8 Marketing’s Pankaj Sharma’s Journey as a Digital Marketing Expert | Technology News | Zee News

Digi8 Marketing’s Pankaj Sharma’s Journey as a Digital Marketing Expert | Technology News | Zee News


It is evident that Digital Marketing is extremely efficient and convenient. Most businesses, both small and large, prefer Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing. Traditional Marketing is on the verge of being overthrown. The paradigm shift to Digital Marketing has given wings to numerous people who adore and admire the Digital Space. Pankaj Sharma is an experienced and well-versed Digital Marketer who established Digi8 Marketing Inc. to cater to the needs of Canadian and International clients.

Pankaj Sharma has over seven years of experience and has put in blood, sweat, and tears to become an expert in the Digital Marketing sector. Digi8 Marketing Inc. provides all kinds of marketing services like SEO, SEM, and SMM for better visibility on the Internet and Brand Positioning, Lead generation, App Download, etc. to hike the sales volumes. They provide customized strategies for each business as they acknowledge that every business has a different set of features and has its own unique selling points. In addition, they focus more on organic growth and are deliberately trying to decrease dependency on Google AdSense. They aim to provide cost-effective strategies for the clients so that they can benefit more at a cheaper price.

Pankaj has numerous successful projects under his belt, starting from POPO with his cousin brother Manik Sharma. Before he excelled in Digital Marketing, he experimented on what works and what does not in Digital marketing. His success was not overnight. He spent countless sleepless nights to achieve triumph and accomplish everything in this sector. Many people gave up along the way, however, all he could think was how to convert his failure into success. He made sure to never repeat his past mistakes. His mistakes proved to be his best teacher. After innumerable trials and tribulations, he finally cracked the puzzle and found his own strategy which was ‘Low CPC keyword with high research volume’. He wants to help the upcoming Digital Marketers by teaching them the valuable lessons that he has learnt in the past seven years of his life. He runs a YouTube channel that focuses on spreading information and awareness on Digital Marketing. It breaks all the myths and stereotypes that surround Digital Marketing and aims to provide a clear-cut view of how everything works in Digital Marketing.

Pankaj Sharma is a perfect example of hard work, determination, and dedication. He is inspiring the youths and the millennials to never give up and keep moving forward if you are passionate about something.

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