Kitces Digital Marketing Summit 2021

Kitces Digital Marketing Summit 2021


See Behind the Scenes of Successful Advisor Marketing

May 13, 2021 • 12:00 – 4:00 p.m. EST
Plus Community Hour from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

$397 per ticket; 25% off for Kitces Premier Members

See What Digital Marketing Looks Like
When It’s Done Well

Instead of telling you what you should do, our Kitces Summit guests will actually show you what actions they’ve taken to execute their digital marketing funnel, so you can see what’s really possible for yourself.

Digital marketing has been on the rise for financial advisors for more than a decade, from email newsletters to social media to search engine optimization. Yet a recent Kitces Research study still shows a wide range of results when it comes to various digital marketing strategies and an even wider range of results between what “standout” digital marketers achieve relative to any other financial advisor.

At the Kitces Digital Marketing Summit, you’ll have a chance to see what successful digital marketing looks like, with a unique behind the scenes look at real financial advisors’ efforts across all stages of the digital marketing funnel. No vendors. No sponsors. Just a series of 30-minute real conversations between our co-hosts – Michael Kitces and Taylor Schulte – and our expert guests, financial advisors who will screenshare their actual digital marketing tools and systems and show what makes the marketing funnel work.

What A Summit Pass Includes

8 Sessions

See advisor marketing success at each stage of the marketing funnel.

Community Hour

Talk with Michael, Taylor, and other advisors after the Summit and compare notes.

Summit Recording

Review sessions on your time and implement your own marketing plan.

Handouts that help you capture key takeaways and make a plan of action.

Recap Notes

Post-event recap notes that outline important details you may have missed.

Marketing Platform Map

Suggested vendor platform map to help guide your marketing investments.

Cohosted By Leaders
Who’ve Learned The Lessons

Structured marketing matters. It’s more than spending money; it’s investing in your practice and should generate a return on your marketing investment. Michael and Taylor will keep each session focused on what matters most to advisors – what advisors are doing that works and how they measure the efficacy of their marketing efforts.

Michael Kitces

Founder & Editor in Chief

Founder & CEO
Define Financial

Master The Marketing Funnel

When it comes to marketing, there’s no one “thing” advisors can do to attract and win clients, because turning strangers into leads and then into prospects and finally clients is a multi-stage process. But there is one rubric to follow: The Marketing Funnel.

The Kitces Marketing Summit will focus on what success looks like at every stage of the marketing funnel and help you see new possibilities about how to leverage your dollars at each point along the way.

Top of Funnel

It doesn’t matter how good your website is if no one sees it. See what it takes to get noticed with SEO and Facebook advertising.

Middle of Funnel

Few prospects are ready to hire you the first time they visit. See what it takes to engage them with blogging and email marketing to keep them coming back.

Bottom of Funnel

Even a good list of leads needs a nudge to become clients; see what it takes to build systems that both standardize the process and specialize the experience for every prospect.

Each guest will focus on real-world examples of what advisors can do at every stage of the marketing funnel to attract clients, establish trust, and build loyalty.

(click on guest to learn more about them)

Quantum Leap Systems, LLC

Founder & CEO
Financially Wise Inc.

Integrated Planning and
Wealth Management, LLC

Founding Partner
Ritholz Wealth Management

Join us May 13th and see what’s possible.

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