How to Improve EPC in Affiliate Marketing | Affise

How to Improve EPC in Affiliate Marketing | Affise


Throughout this article, we’ll explain what your key considerations should be. These are the foundations by which any affiliate marketing campaign should run. So if you’re ready and interested, let’s get started.

A lot of business success is the product of good timing. In some circles, this is the result of good fortune. But resigning it to be something that is just an avenue for the lucky is also a bit of a cop-out. Ensuring that the material that surrounds your affiliate campaigns is up-to-date in this fast-paced world of digital is essential.

Including links that ignore the time of year that you’re in because they have a high EPC rate is a mistake. For example, people don’t want to click on links referring to Christmas offers in the middle of June. You can write the best work imaginable, laying out your tale like a wordsmith-turned-storyboard creator, but your story isn’t relevant.

In this scenario, opting for an affiliate link which — if you’re in the Northern hemisphere — tells tales of sunny holidays, barbecues, and all that sun-drenched imagery is more likely to get a greater reaction, as it communicates the here-and-now to your audience more effectively. 

Similarly, making sure that you understand your target audience by avoiding any references that they may not get is helpful. Some words and phrases are nation-specific, for instance, and wouldn’t mean much to a global audience. At best, you could leave your audience scratching their heads, at worst you might even cause offence.

We said that not plumping straight for the highest EPC rate is to be advised, so this tip may seem a bit contradictory. But when we talk about “best fit”, what we mean here is ones with the greatest gap between EPC and CPC, as that leaves you with the greatest profit margin. This could mean a campaign that offers a small EPC, but costs you next to nothing to run, compared to a higher EPC that has a much higher CPC too.

Not taking account of this can lead to a pretty costly failure. The only thing you can guarantee from the outset is that these campaigns carry a CPC that you will have to pay. So, best to make sure the EPC is worth it — and that the undertaking has the greatest potential to succeed before signing up.

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