5 Future Digital Marketing Trends That Are Going to Happen 2022

5 Future Digital Marketing Trends That Are Going to Happen 2022


A new digital marketing trend is always on the horizon. 

2022 is right around the corner. And you know what that means, another blog from a marketing company about predictions for the coming year. Who doesn’t love reading about what could potentially happen next year, right? 

Like all good marketing agencies, we love staying up to date with the latest digital marketing trends. Being an early adopter and acting on these trends before your competitors can give you a strategic advantage. You just don’t know for sure when the latest trend can turn into the next big thing in marketing.

Based on our research and experience operating our Toronto-based digital marketing agency, here are some marketing predictions to watch for in 2022:

The Expansion of Multichannel Marketing

One is not enough anymore. To effectively connect with and engage your customers, you need to take a multichannel approach to how you market to them. You can’t rely on just one tactic to get the job done. Rather, you need to ensure all your marketing channels are working in unison. If you need ideas, here are 15 types of content marketing to help you get started. Think of ways to leverage your marketing materials in multiple ways.

For example, you write a blog post. You can then promote your blog on social media. Then you can create a short YouTube video on the topic. Then you pull out the stats in the blog and create an infographic. You get the idea – use your content and spread it across multiple marketing channels. Don’t forget to utilize social media marketing to A/B test different messaging. If you think social media marketing is dying, click here to see what the numbers are saying.

The Demise of Hard Selling Tactics

People are exposed to thousands of ads daily. No wonder they have become hardened to hard selling tactics. Rather than try to persuade them into making a purchase, you need to shift your approach. Become their go-to for information and education around the products and services you offer. Become a trusted advisor. This can help you gain their trust. And when people trust you, they are more willing to buy things from you.

*This doesn’t necessarily mean hard sell tactics no longer work. They just need to be re-evaluated. If your efforts are being rewarded, keep it up!

Hybrid Marketing Events

It is commonplace to meld in-person events with technology. This is nothing new. But, in wake of COVID-19, more people working remotely, and with people just starting to travel again… expect there to be a rise in hybrid-style marketing events. The hybrid approach will allow you to capture both audiences – those who prefer to attend in person, and those who want to attend virtually. Make sure your events have a strong digital component such as live feeds, digital roundups, podcasts, and other elements to meet the needs of those who are not in attendance.

More Marketing Automation

Your time is limited. There is also a wide selection of top-quality marketing automation tools available. Automating certain tasks will give you more time to work on other things. You can get tools for many tasks:

what is the latest trend in digital marketingDon’t forget, search engine optimization (SEO) is also a form of passive automation. There’s no better free advertising than the top ranked google search for your target keyword. SEO never dies. Want to learn how to do SEO keyword research? Click here. 

The Post-Pandemic Marketplace

With restrictions loosening up, people being allowed to gather in public places, and things getting back to pre-pandemic normalcy, marketers need to think about how this will influence customers’ behaviours and actions. What will change when things get back to normal? Will people depend less on e-commerce? Will it stay the same? How will media consumption change? 

It’s important to think outside the box. What has worked over the past year or two will eventually become less effective. You need to pay close attention to your customers’ actions and adjust accordingly.

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