An Email Marketing Strategy That Works — Email Marketing

An Email Marketing Strategy That Works — Email Marketing


You Need an Email Marketing Strategy That Works

The question on your mind now is probably, “OK … how do I create an email marketing strategy that works?”. This article will help answer that.

email marketing strategy that worksFirst, let’s take a look at the advantages of using an email marketing strategy that works. First and foremost is cost. Email marketing has a huge advantage in this area. Once you have built a list of prospects and customers, you have that list and can conduct marketing campaigns, test results, resend campaigns and more without spending additional ad money.

While you may spend some time putting your campaigns together, you won’t have to re-run advertising to recreate the list. Once you’ve built the list, it’s time to start using the list and collecting that all-important data.

First you’re going to look at the opens and clicks and all that and see if the email performed. You can test various subject lines, layouts, call to action, etc… to maximize these results without spending additional ad revenues.

Then you can start tracking that close ratio. How many prospects become customers?  How many customers become repeat customers?

The time you spend dialing these factors in are what will help you come up with an email marketing strategy that works.

The simplest way to think about this idea is to follow our TABS system. As you drive traffic, acquire leads, build rapport, and close sales, you will begin to grow your business which is the ultimate goal for your business.

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