Changing Trends In Digital Marketing

Changing Trends In Digital Marketing


Through the course of time, the marketing industry has evolved in many creative ways. While marketing and advertisement were only limited to physical modes like newspapers, massive usage of the internet has transformed it completely.  Digital Marketing or online marketing is all geared up to take the marketing industry in its hands and rule it for coming decades.

But how did this wave of transformation happen? Are digital marketing techniques of the early 2000s and now the same? While every other industry tried to imbibe technology with them, the digital marketing industry surely did it in less than 20 years.

Through the changing trends, marketers got to know the customers more. Following the recent trends, digital marketing agencies are now able to understand the sentiments behind the actions of customers. The latest techniques have not only helped in connecting to the consumers but also have made monotonous works easier.

Some of the recent trends in digital marketing are:

1. Instagram taking over the social media game:

Instagram taking over the social media game

Earlier it was enough for a business to have a website and a Facebook page for an optimal online presence. But now, the scenario has changed completely. With the increase in competition, companies need to level up their social media game. Instagram has come up as an outstanding platform for companies to connect with clients. With interactive posts and hashtags, companies are increasing their reach every day. Instagram also offers some interesting features which are not present in any other social media application such as IGTV, Reels and so on.

Regular posting and keeping up with the trends can help the companies relate to potential customers more.

2. Chatbots for customer service:

Chatbots for digital marketing

With the evolution of the automation industry, the efficiency of chatbots has tremendously increased. It not only leads to faster resolution of queries but also reduces the workload of employees. Today’s chatbots are such efficient that they are able to solve general customer queries and do not require any manual help for it.

Plenty of websites and apps now use chatbots for marketing and advertising their brands during their conversation with customers.

3. Video marketing:

Video marketing- an efficient tool of digital marketing

A few years back, video marketing used to be a luxurious option. Not many brands tried the same as one of the major digital marketing techniques. Past few years, video streaming applications like Youtube have caught the attention of people. Customers of all age groups tend to spend a significant amount of time in these apps. Video marketing is a gripping tool and gives a lot of time to the marketer for showcasing their businesses.

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Nicely edited as well as high-quality videos of various brands have overtaken the internet so many times when it comes to marketing campaigns. There are businesses that provide valuable information related to their niche which also gets plenty of attention. Therefore, an active video channel is a trend that is going to stay for another five years for impactful marketing.

4. Personalized mails:

Personalized emails

Again, automation has made this possible. A mail with your name and content of your personal interest, what else can one want? Personalized emails have a great impact on the consumer’s mind. These are beautifully decorated, with moving animations and graphics emails sent to the subscribers. Though email marketing has been in the field for a long time, personalization has added spice to this technique.

5. Content with context:

Content with context

From digital marketing agencies to small businesses, the content has always been the most integral part of digital marketing. Without good content, no company can attract customers. But nowadays, good content is not the only thing a customer needs. With content, a proper context must also be there. Customers must be able to relate themselves to the brands. Only then they will be able to understand how the company is going to have a benefit in their life. Increasing competition has increased the need for companies to reach and strike the sentiments of the public rather than just spreading information.

Digital marketing is a playground of evolution. Trends will keep changing every day. Marketers and agencies need not follow every trend. But it will be wise to keep a check on the significant ones and do not completely forget the old ones. A balance between the old and new, picking out the most useful according to business and taking steps according to that is the key to great results.

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