Why Bother With Social Media — ASMM Digital Marketing

Why Bother With Social Media — ASMM Digital Marketing


I am going to let you in on a little secret. Most days I hate social media.  Facebook and Twitter are full of political rants.  LinkedIn has become one big cold call with messages popping into my inbox from complete strangers who “think we have so much in common.” Instagram can become a huge time suck. And now, there is Clubhouse to contend with.  

 So, why do I believe businesses should still be on these platforms?  Why do I believe businesses who are not on social media are missing out?

 Let me break it down for you.

 Social media is where your customers live.

 Whether we like it or not, social media is here to stay.  People need connection and without social media, even before the pandemic, connection was missing from their lives.  People use social media to connect with their families, to reconnect with friends from across the world and to feel like they have a voice. 

 What does this mean for you?

Never before has it been this easy to find your customers. Never before have you been able to get your brand in front of potential customers so inexpensively.  Still not sure why you should bother with social media?  Let me explain.

1. You are forgettable. 

I know.  This sounds mean. But it’s true. 

People have short attention spans these days. You work hard to provide them with the best service and products around and still they move on to your competitor without batting an eye. 

 Most of the time, this has nothing to do with your service or product.  Instead, it’s simply a failure to stay top-of-mind.  When your company is active on social media, your customers cannot ignore you.  You either remain top-of-mind or your post pops up as a reminder, “Oh yeah, I was supposed to call the plumber.” 

2. You wish people knew.

 The number of times we hear from clients, “We wish people knew…” is a little insane.  When you use social media to market your business, you don’t have to wish people knew.  Instead, you can tell them.

Wish people knew you made the best margarita’s in town?  Show them. Use live video to interview customers who love your margaritas.

Wish people knew that you didn’t just repair their car, but also inspected it for safety as well? Tell them. Use a blog post to describe your inspection and how this keeps them safe. Then share each point in a separate social media post over a number of days.

Social media is the perfect tool for sharing your list of “I wish people knew…”

3. You are the expert in your field.

Who knows more about your industry than you?  Not many people, right? 

Social media is the perfect platform to show your customers that you are the expert.  Our customers show their expertise through blogging, live videos, YouTube videos, weekly tips and now on Clubhouse

When you are the expert in your field, why would your customers want to go anywhere else?

Not sure how to use any of these tools to prove that you are the expert in your field? Our team can help.

4. You aren’t sure what people think of your company.

There are no secrets anymore.  If you want to know what people are saying about your company, social media is the place to be.  Keep in mind that at ASMM Digital we consider Google My Business to be an integral part of your social media marketing plan.  

Paying attention to your reviews on Google My Business, your recommendations on Facebook and your mentions across all of the platforms will help you have a better understanding of what your customers think about you.

5. Your customers can sell for you.

 Loyalty is hard to come by for businesses these days.  With Amazon offering same-day delivery and businesses like FIVRR offering services at a fraction of the price, it can feel like your business is under attack.  So, how do you win?  

It’s simple. People want to make connections.  Being more personable on social media can help you stand out. 

Ask your customers questions, give them information of value, comment on their responses to your posts, and build real relationships with your customers.

Social media can help you turn a customer into a follower, a follower into a true fan and a fan into a brand evangelist.  

If you have questions about how to put social media to work, my team is here to help. Call us to schedule a consultation today. 

If you want to learn how to use social media on your own, visit our ASMM Digital Campus and take our courses.

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