Best Roles in the Structure of Your Digital Marketing Department •

Best Roles in the Structure of Your Digital Marketing Department •


The digital marketing team’s ability is the main difference between the success and demise of your software house. It is all about having the right people for the right job. When you have the right person for the right job, you can invest extra in your team to complete the tasks on time. The employees having the thrust to earn extra are the people you are looking for, such employees can do extra effort to complete your tasks just in time. Try to use the overtime calculator by, to pay the extra amount to your employees for extra work you are assigning to your employees.

In this article we are discussing the best role in the structure of your digital marketing department:

Project manager

The project manager is a key player in your digital marketing team. His role is crucial in the making of your digital marketing team. He can acquire the services of various employees, and utilize their abilities to complete a project on time. If it is necessary to hire a freelancer, the project manager can utilize his abilities to complete the tasks, he can pay extra to some employees for completing the projects on time, the project manager can take extra work from the freelancers and pay them for completing a task, for this he can use the overtime calculator to calculate the payment, he has to pay to customers.

The project manager is acting as a liaison manager between your digital marketing team and the clients. He is the essence of the digital marketing team, the whole project completion depends upon his commitment and assigning of tasks to the team. The most crucial thing for the project manager is to identify the bottleneck in a project and resolving the issues before they can become a hurdle in completing the project on time.

Digital marketing manager

The digital marketing manager is the person to identify the needs and wants of the customer and develop the strategies of the company accordingly. The digital marketing manager advertises the product and services of the organization on various platforms and creates a good relationship with the different markets on the behalf of the organization. He is responsible for managing the advertising campaign of the organization on social media. He also designs the strategic planning of the digital marketing campaign and analyzes how the organization is going to sell, their product, and services to customers.

The spectrum of the digital marketing manager is broader and he can hire freelancers to market the organization’s product and services on various forums and pay them accordingly, for this purpose he can use the time and a half calculator, to pay the employees. This tool is helpful in calculating the salary of the employees as it is useful in calculating the original salary and the commission of the employees.

The scope of the digital marketing manager can be:

The content writer

The content writer is the backbone of all your digital marketing efforts, your marketing efforts can boost the only and if you have quality content to boost traffic on your website. It is crucial for the success of digital marketing efforts to have a talented content writer expert in creating all types of content. It is important to find a creative writer, who can create a diverse quality of content for the organization.

 All your digital marketing campaign starts from unique and quality content, organizations usually outsource quality content writers for writing content on various topics, as it is difficult to produce all types of content by yourself. You can use theovertime calculator and time and a half calculator to pay extra to your employees and the writer which you have outsourced to write technical content.

It is difficult to find a quality content writer, so you normally outsource freelance content writers for writing posts on various topics.

You need content for various purposes, we are outlining some of them:

The content writing is a work for that organization going to outsource varius employees and they calculate their pay by using the overtime calculator. If you are finding any difficulty in calculating how to calculate overtime, you can find assistance from the internet. A good content writer should have extensive knowledge of SEO and a complete grip on the language and its sense structure.

The SEO specialist

The SEO specialist is the people, help to boost the SERP ranking of your website. If you have written well quality content but your SERP ranking is still low, then how people are going to find your webs pages. You need specialist SEO experts to work continuously to boost the ranking of your webpage in the Google SERP. If people are finding in the Google SERP, then there is no chance to increase the traffic on your page.

You need your website on the first page in the Google SERP ranking, so people can find your webpages against different keywords searches. To make the ranking of your pages higher, you need an expert SEO specialist. These people are always trying to get quality backlinks for your website. you have to generate a loyal audience, who are always in search of your web pages. The SEO experts are kind of marketers always in search of ways to boost the ranking of your website in the Google SERP ranking.

What are the main roles of the SEO experts:

Organizations do hire the services of the expert SEO specialist for promoting their website, you can use the overtime calculator and time and a half calculator to calculate the payment, organizations have to pay the SEO experts. Sometimes, you can find it difficult,  how to calculate time and a half, do this you can watch the youtube video to exactly know the process of learning how to use the time and a half calculator.

The graphic designer

 The role of the graphic designer is crucial for making your website attractive and perfect for the user, not switching from your website. The visual graphics help the audience to understand your content perfectly, as simply the text can’t convey the message along perfectly, it is the combination of the text along with the graphics that make a perfect impression on the client to read all of your content.

The user can be fed up by only reading the text on your website. Good websites always include the best content in their websites to attract the audience. You can outsource a good graphic designer and use the overtime calculator to calculate the payment to the outsourced graphic designer. Graphics like Brand Logo, Brand Brochures, Bunting, and Banners are crucial for making an impression in the mind of the target audience.

Graphic designers are always in search of new ways to create a brand identity of the organization by using a unique color scheme and matching colors.

The main scope of the graphic designers are as follows:

There should be strong collaboration between the graphic diners and the content writers, as they are going to develop the graphics for a particular Content. The audience finds it interesting to read content having visual aid. Such content is readily understandable to the users and they share such content with their friends and peers.

Organizations can hire and outsource good graphics designers, and calculate their salaries by using theovertime calculator. If the employees are doing the job in the organization along they are doing extra work, so you can use the time and a half calculator to calculator the salary of the graphic designers.

Social media manager

Social media managers are critical in this age of digitalization and socialization. They can work for the brand management of the company in social media. A huge number of the audience is going to use social media, so can’t leave the social media, as you can get many customers from the various social media groups.

Organizations find social media one of the best tools to analyze the needs and wants of their target audience. The role of social media managers is important in our time. They create a direct relationship with the target audience, companies are always in search of finding the requirements of their target audience and mold their services and product according to the wishes of the target audience.

Social media is not a place where people only share silly pictures and posts with each other. It is one of the most emerging forums for organizational business. The companies do come in direct contact with their target audience, so the role of the social media manager is critical for organizational survival and to boost their profit and revenues.

The scope of the social media managers are as follows:

You can get extra work for your digital marketing manager to do the extra duty to look after your social media campaign and pay him extra using the overtime calculator, and the time and a half calculator according to their extra effort. It is better to hire a separate full-time employee for managing the social media campaign for your organization.

If you are outsourcing an employee to look after your social media campaign it is not going to work at all, as there would always be a communication gap between the organization and the social media expert.

How to make the coordination strong among the team

It is better to assure your project manager to take care of all the activities of various employees of your organization. The project manager can direct and assign the task to the various employees of the organization and outsource the employees, where he thinks it is necessary for the organization.

You as the owner of the business have to direct the goals and objectives of the organization to the project manager and direct him according to the situation.

There are three levels at which you need to direct your project manager:

The coordination between your project manager and the owner is crucial for the success of an organization. Your role as the director of the organization should be directional not indulging in the day-to-day operation of the organization.

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