CRM or Email Marketing Tool: Which One Does Your Small Business Need?

CRM or Email Marketing Tool: Which One Does Your Small Business Need?


Starting a business can be stressful because on top of all the survival and growth related challenges you also need to build a stack of tools. It can get especially overwhelming when you see the prices on the software market. A good arsenal of applications can total up to a small fortune.

But should it? The question of CRM and email marketing for small business can be solved with a single tool that combines the functionality of both – an email marketing CRM.

That’s right! You can save a lot of money without having to give up your email marketing aspirations. It’s all about choosing the right solution.

Read this article to find out more about email marketing tools, email marketing CRM systems and which one is the best fit for your small business.

Let’s get growing!

What are email marketing tools?

Email marketing tools are the collective name for all the software used to create, test, optimise, send and track email marketing campaigns.

The main purpose of email marketing software is to increase conversion rate through improved, more accurate and efficient lead nurturing that helps to build more robust relationships with leads and customers. Email marketing software seeks to streamline and automate as many email marketing processes as possible so that managers don’t have to worry about mundane repetitive tasks and use their time more efficiently.

Depending on the type and the vendor of the email marketing tool you decide to add to your small business’ digital marketing stack the features it offers will vary. So will the price of the solution. More functionality almost always equates to a higher price – so if you want to get your hands on some advanced functionality, be prepared to write off a hefty check.

Some of the most common and popular features offered by email marketing tools are:

The aforementioned features define the advantages of using email marketing software:

What is an email marketing CRM system?

An email marketing CRM system is a piece of software that lets you keep track of your interactions with prospects, leads and customers, manage their data and nurture leads to convert them into paying customers via multiple touchpoints, including email.

The main difference between an email marketing tool and a CRM system with an email marketing feature is that the latter combines the functionality of the two solutions and lets you handle both processes more efficiently:

The element that ties the two together is the sales and email marketing automation feature that feeds into both email marketing and CRM. That way, not only does it help you nurture leads and build a robust relationship with customers via the means of email communication but it also handles the other stages of the customer journey.

A CRM is capable of streamlining the whole sales process starting with prospecting to lead capture to lead nurturing to winning the deal and the subsequent post-sales push. Here are the common features of CRM systems with email marketing functionality that make that possible:

There are a ton of advantages that stem from the aforementioned features of CRM for email marketing:

Make sure you read our articles on things to consider when choosing a CRM system for your small business and the list of the best small business CRM solutions.

The Bottom Line: Which one to choose?

Both email marketing software and CRM systems have their unique selling points. Ideally, you would want to invest in both to strengthen your marketing stack to the max.

Unfortunately, as a small business that is likely tight on money, you can’t afford to pay for both solutions at the same time. It’s not financially viable and, quite frankly, doesn’t make sense. You need to make a choice.

With all pros and cons weighed and all features discusses, it becomes apparent that you can survive without email marketing software, but it’s virtually impossible to grow your small business without a reliable CRM solution. At the end of the day, the majority of email marketing software benefits such as analytics and reporting can only be leveraged when you integrate it with a CRM system to see a broader picture.

Our verdict is that the best way out of this sticky situation is to purchase a robust CRM solution with email marketing functionality and seek the missing email marketing-specific features such as HTML email template builders elsewhere. There are plenty of free attention-worthy solutions to aid your success!

Once your small business gets bigger, you can add more tools to your stack.

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