How to Use Instagram Reels for Digital Marketing? A Complete Guide

How to Use Instagram Reels for Digital Marketing? A Complete Guide


In this guide, you’re going to learn about Instagram reel – what they are and how can they be used to promote your brand.

Instagram Reels as a Part of Your Digital Marketing Plan

As the future of TikTok remains uncertain in many countries especially the US, Instagram takes a big jump to take advantage of this newly created opportunity.

Instagram has recently launched Instagram Reels which allows you to create short videos just like TikTok and add music and other creatives to your video just like TikTok.

Instagram has been trying hard for the past many years to emerge as the most popular social media channel.

With that intention in mind, it had introduced Snapchat’s stories feature a long time ago and is now trying the element of TikTok’s fun and easy video creation to its platform.

There exist many differences between the two social media channels.

On one hand, TikTok allows you to create up to 60seconds of video. On the other hand, Instagram Reels allows only up to 15seconds.

In addition, Instagram feels a little bit more cluttered with so many different features in one and the same platform. TikTok offers a simpler, less fussy, and easy platform for sharing and findi

ng videos.

In spite of the differences, Instagram Reels has many similarities with TikTok.

They both allow you to create enjoyable videos. You can create dance videos, lip-sync videos, dress changes, and any other thing.

Not just that, you can even add the AR effect and create your videos in slow motion just like you did on TikTok.

These similarities between the two will offer great opportunities to many business owners to increase their reach to their audience.

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels allows you to create and discover small and entertaining videos on Instagram.

These videos are generally not more than 15seconds long and Instagram provides various effects, types of audio and other effects to make them more fun for the viewers.

Credit: Instagram

How Instagram Reels Get Discovered?

These Reels are shown in the Explore feed. They can be discovered in any of the four ways. 

They will show in your feed if you’re following that person who has created that Reel.

Clicking on any hashtag which is also used in the Reel will also help you find it.

Looking for the audio which has been used in the Reel will also show that reel in your search results.

Instagram Explore will show you various trending Reels and you can swipe through those to discover more.

How to Create Instagram Reels

The way of creating Instagram Reels is pretty easy and straightforward. If you have used TikTok ever in your life, you will find the experience pretty similar. Here’s how you do it:

You click on the Instagram camera and there you will see an option for Instagram Reels.

Now, you can add audio and any other effects you want. If you want to use your own original audio, you can record the video with audio and then upload it.

Finally, post it and share it with your friends.

Credit: Instagram

Why Should You Include Instagram Reels in Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

1. Bigger Audience Reach

As the existence of TikTok in the USA remains doubtful, the TikTok users are desperately looking for an alternative. And it looks like that alternative has come in the form of Instagram Reels.

TikTok has over 2.3 billion downloads and more than 100 million of those are American users.

With the cloud of uncertainty still hovering over TikTok in the US, we will see a migration of TikTok users on Instagram which will increase its audience base.

A bigger audience base will give you a greater opportunity to reach a bigger audience.

2. Access to Generation Z

Generation Z forms the main user base of TikTok which remains a very popular social channel for them, even more than Instagram and Facebook.

With TikTok going out of the pictures, these Generation Z TikTok users will move to Instagram to avail of its Reels feature. 

This will lead to an increased user base of Gen Z on Instagram. Any business whose target audience is this section of the generation will find Instagram Reels a very convenient way to reach them. You can read GenZ marketing guide here.

TikTok has led to many things go viral like the ‘old town road’ song.

With that statement, I am not saying that you can go viral on Instagram Reel just like many had gone on TikTok as this is not a very realistic goal to aim for.

But what I am trying to say is that at least we can start trying. Even if we don’t go viral, any kind of popularity among the users will spread out the word about you and will increase your brand awareness.

2 Tips for Using Instagram Reels For Digital Marketing

Tip 1) Start Focusing On Engagement

With the news of fake views on Instagram Reels already doing the rounds, it seems like just depending on video views is not going to be a very effective option to measure the performance.

Instagram will be required to take some action against it and to curb the use of bots on Instagram Reels sooner.

As a result, it’s better to start focusing on building an audience based on genuine engagement. Chances are there that no Insta algorithm changes will get rid of that.

Tip 2) Creativity To Rescue

As the foundation of Instagram Reels depends on creating enjoyable and entertaining content, creativity is going to be the only factor that is going to set your business apart there.

This will also increase the chances of your discoverability which will bring more engagement for you.

Bizadmark is known for its creativity. If you find creativity and engagement missing on your Instagram, get in touch with us now.

Key Takeaway: Instagram Reels for Digital Marketing

This starts when you’re ready to lead the change by being an early adopter. If you have not yet started using Instagram Reels for promoting your business, get in touch with Bizadmark’s social media marketing team.

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Instagram Reels for Digital Marketing FAQs

I tried using Instagram reels but didn’t get engagement. How will you help me?

If your reels aren’t garnering views, chances are you need improvement in the strategy, the video content, and the music as well. We will help you carve out a strategy through which you will be heard, seen, and loved.

How Do I Decide What Kind Of Soundtrack To Put On My Instagram Reels?

Choosing the right music or soundtrack is very important for reels. It is often best to research what’s trending around the globe and choose that soundtrack. That will help big time.

Will Reels Get Me Organic Audience Or I Will Have To Boost It As Well?

Honestly, it depends. This is the beauty of digital marketing that everything is your call and in your control. If played with rightly, reels will bring heavy organic traffic to your brand. However, if you still want to expand visibility you can always promote it.

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