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Digital Marketing ideas for Easter campaigns – Zero Point – Creative Digital Studio


Design your Easter digital marketing campaign today!

The Easter season is a promising opportunity both in terms of branding and sales. Given the following market and consumer trends, a creative digital marketing campaign for Easter Day can bring significant profitability and interaction with potential consumers. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do to boost your online marketing efforts for Easter.

1. Create a landing page

A very attractive landing page with offers for the whole family or a page where users discover hidden coupons in an egg hunt game are some choices to attract an existing or new audience. You can also add a video with a family celebrating Easter with your products, whether they are food or the clothes they chose to dress for the day. Finally, add call-to-action buttons to encourage a specific event by visitors (purchase, share, sign up). Your landing page can also be linked to your email marketing campaign. Include the page link in your email and encourage users to click. The more clicks you get, the more visitors you get to your landing page and, therefore, the more chances of turning it into a sale.

2. Reach your audience through social media

Maintain a consistent theme across all your channels by importing images, gifs, or videos with the same colors, tone, and messages. You can go one step further by offering a special offer during the Easter weekend to those who follow you on your social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok are the social platforms where most people spend most of their time these days. Target the right audience and leverage your promotions through these channels.

3. Insta Stories

Use the interactive side of Instagram and Facebook stories to connect with your customers on a more personal level. Do not rule out the impact that stories can have. As they remain active only for 24 hours, you can receive direct feedback from customers about what they would like to see or what kind of offers they would be interested in. You can also share a sneak peak on any promotions you plan to offer during Easter a few weeks in advance to excite customers.

4. Give an Easter note to your email marketing campaigns

The graphic design of the newsletter is the most significant part of an email marketing campaign. Easter season is an excellent opportunity to become more creative and strengthen your branding to attract the consumers’ interest. Create another offer that will be valid during the weekend, where customers can receive a discount rate or a gift with each purchase. Include the offer at the top of the email to make sure everyone who opens it is informed immediately.

5. Organize a contest

Organizing a giveaway contest is a great way to interact with your audience during the holidays. It could be an Easter hunt or asking users to share their Easter table with your products using the appropriate hashtag. Or, a selfie contest or a connection you will get with your target group is indisputable. The contest can also be promoted either with social or with google ads to receive as many entries as possible and consequently followers.

6. Customize your website

During big holiday periods, you can add extra plugins, decorate your website with Easter elements or add photos and banners related to Easter. These minor additions can make a difference and increase your visitors’ purchasing power.

There are many ways in which, as a small business owner, you can promote your online store during Easter.
It is essential to plan your promotions in advance and create “teaser” campaigns a few weeks before Holy Week in order to get the best results.

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