What does Full Service Digital Marketing Agency Mean?

What does Full Service Digital Marketing Agency Mean?


Over the past decade, digital marketing has seen an unprecedented boom. With an estimated $378 billion spent on digital marketing alone in the U.S., it’s one of the business expenditures that actually increased during the global pandemic rather than decreased. And with the highest ROI and lowest cost per impression of the available marketing tactics, it’s not hard to see why.

As in most of the country, in Little Rock digital marketing is offered by a variety of marketing and advertising agencies—even newspapers have started offering “digital marketing services” and PPC campaigns along with ads in their online offerings. But there is a big difference between traditional marketing agencies and a true, full-service digital marketing agency.

Luckily, the pros from the top digital marketing agency in Little Rock are here to help walk you through the differences. We can answer all of your questions about how a full-service digital marketing agency can help you get better ROI on your marketing campaigns and grow your business revenue overall.

What Is a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency?

While traditional marketing agencies may have a digital marketing department, genuine digital marketing agencies are devoted full-time to developing online marketing strategies and campaigns for their clients. And, just as it sounds, a “full-service” digital marketing agency is one that offers everything your business may need for online marketing campaigns. A full-service agency is dedicated to filling all of your marketing needs from the initial strategy to the execution and post-campaign reporting.

Your business’s individual marketing needs may vary based on your industry, business model, sales goals, and budget. An experienced digital marketing agency will be able to help you build a custom package based on your goals and needs. Services may include:

The Benefits of a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

For most companies, hiring a digital marketing agency is meant to supplement or even fully replace the need for an in-house marketing department. While there are certainly advantages to having an internal marketing department, using an agency gives you access to specialized tools, highly trained and certified personnel, and partnerships with major companies like Google, HubSpot, and Shopify that you may not otherwise qualify for or be able to afford.

Agencies Cost Less than Building a Full-Time Marketing Department

This is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses with smaller budgets. Hiring one or two people to handle all of your digital marketing needs can pose a bandwidth problem and comes with all the employment taxes and expenses of full-time employees. Often, working with an agency can cost less than paying a full-time employee—but you get the expertise and high-quality work of a professional team!

But it’s not just about manpower. The cost of professional subscriptions to digital marketing and design platforms and services like Adobe Illustrator, Design Pickle, Hubspot, Canva, and SEMrush start to add up fast. Agencies use these tools daily for multiple clients, so they’re able to absorb and distribute the cost without passing it on to their clients.

Access to the Latest Trends and Technology

Because digital marketing is their full-time job as well as their service offering, the best digital marketing agencies are always on the cutting edge of trends and tech in the design, marketing, and SEO space. They attend professional conferences and training; receive benefits from B2B partnerships with Facebook, Google, Hubspot, and other digital marketing bigwigs; and keep up with the latest industry tools.

Their access to top-notch software and insider industry information allows them to produce high-quality content and results at a much lower cost than the average business is capable of. This lowers your overall costs while increasing your marketing ROI.

Work With Industry Experts

Doing your own research and digital marketing is fine for startups and one-person entrepreneurial ventures, but once your business starts to grow, you have to consider how you’ll handle your marketing. You’ll either need to hire marketing professionals or consider an agency.

While hiring an in-house person has its benefits, the best minds in digital marketing are almost exclusively working for digital marketing agencies. And they’re all highly specialized in their fields. SEO, data analysis and reporting, content creation, social media, graphic design, website development and maintenance, PPC campaign management—they’re all specialized fields with their own certifications, strategies, and intricacies.

While one person may understand the overview of digital marketing, there is no way for one person to be an expert in all of these areas. Hiring a Little Rock digital marketing agency gives you access to decades of experience without the price-tag of hiring your own team.

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

Another benefit of working with an agency is quantifiable results. A good digital marketing agency will always offer some form of reporting on analytics and results. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google all have their own analytics systems.

It can be overwhelming for a beginner to start clicking through Google Analytics, but professionals understand the stories that these numbers tell. Engagement, bounce rate, page duration, site speed, keyword density, search engine ranking…these numbers can be used to track progress and steer your marketing efforts towards greater and greater success.

Looking For a Little Rock Advertising Agency?

iProv is a full-service digital marketing agency in Little Rock, AR. We’ve been in business for over 15 years, and have helped hundreds of small businesses increase their revenue and grow their business! For more information on how digital marketing can help your business, contact us today!

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