7 Ways Realtors Can Increase Sales Using Digital Marketing -

7 Ways Realtors Can Increase Sales Using Digital Marketing –


7 Ways Realtors Can Increase Sales Using Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has moved to the forefront of best-in-class realtors’ marketing efforts. The real estate business has become more reliant on digital marketing for everything from generating new leads to closing successful deals.

For realtors looking for new methods to stand out online, social media was one of the first game-changers. Various social media channels enabled real estate agents to create a brand and a thriving business, from purchasing Facebook Business Ads to uploading picture albums of new listings.

Here’s how digital marketing can help realtors

Create an Email Marketing Campaign

An email nurturing campaign is a useful tool in engaging with new leads and staying connected with previous customers, regardless of industry. A well-rounded campaign, in theory, would drive potential customers through predetermined steps based on their buyer profile and previous interactions with you.

The average open rate of emails for real estate firms is about 27%, with a click-through rate (CTR) of 3%. Additionally, the more relevant your content is to a customer, the more likely they are to open your email and read what you have to say. We’ve already discussed on our previous blogs how you can create a CTA in your emails with high conversion rates.

Design a Website That Is Easy to Use

You’ll notice how some realtor websites take so long to load because of all the images and videos on their website. Real estate agents should create a responsive website that is optimized for mobile surfing with the help of a skilled web designer.

And of course, help the designer understand what your clients are searching for. Almost everyone is on their phone, that’s why it’s no surprise that over half of online browsing is done on a mobile phone. 

Therefore, your website should be responsive and user-friendly. Your clients will be unable to easily visit your site if it takes so long for it to load, and they end up leaving it out of frustration. 

To provide your consumers with the greatest experience possible, your mobile-friendly website should have the following content:

Consider adding a live chat function to your website as well. Because your real estate firm is so focused on people, it’s important that you’re ready when customers have questions. Investing in live chat software allows customers to connect 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and schedule appointments without having to talk directly to you.

Pay-Per Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an effective approach for realtors wanting to create new leads based on advertisements that they pay for each time the ad is clicked.

Because they only pay when someone clicks on their ad, PPC is a fantastic digital marketing choice for real estate agents looking for new clients who are interested in their services and are ready to buy or sell their homes.

Create Valuable Blog Content

Responsive websites with blogs often have 434 percent more indexed pages, helping real estate professionals in boosting their SEO.

A blog is an excellent method to improve your SEO, establish your online reputation, and give your clients information on buying or selling a home or piece of property. Without valuable content, whether published on your website or social media, a real estate professional’s digital marketing plan is meaningless.

In addition to your user-friendly website, make it a habit to provide content that buyers and sellers can return to for answers to their most pressing real estate questions. Also, your blog content can be part of your email marketing campaign, or as part of your weekly newsletter. Then, directing them back to your website, that will ultimately lead to increased website traffic and more prospective clients for your Real Estate practice.

Organize Virtual Tours

Virtual tours of a property are fantastic pieces of content you can include in your digital marketing plan to make it more successful. Not only do these tours provide video material, but this will help possible leads to get a sense of what a home has to offer them and help them visualize themselves living in that property. For homeowners that might be thinking about selling, it also gives them an excellent view of how you might market their property, should they list with you.

Make a Social Media Marketing Plan

It’s one thing to publish real estate-related content on your Facebook account every now and then, but a full-fledged social media marketing strategy is what actually produces the results you seek. Here are some examples of valuable content to share on your social media channels:

If you’re familiar with digital marketing, you’re probably aware of how tough it can be to develop a social media plan and publish consistently across all channels. There are, however, a variety of tools ready to aid in making social media content development and scheduling simple and easy.

The most essential rule of thumb to remember when creating a social media plan for your real estate business is to post a variety of content. While listing sharing is a key component of your digital strategy, you must ensure that your material is useful to a broad audience, not just leads looking for a new home.

Make SEO a priority

SEO, or search engine optimization, is an important strategy for driving traffic to your website. When done properly, your website and web pages will appear higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) during search queries.

Google and other search engines’ algorithms are continuously changing, so it is important to focus on your SEO regularly. Keywords are a fundamental component of SEO that may have a big impact.

Integrate high-ranking keywords for your location and industry across your blog content and website to include keywords in your SEO plan. Other components of a successful SEO strategy include:

Content is such an important component of a successful SEO strategy, so you need to keep your blog updated on a regular basis. It is also important to write high-quality, long-form content.

You will notice a big difference if you start investing in digital marketing today, but always remember to stay consistent with the content you create and publish. If this blog has sparked ideas about what you might be able to do with your digital marketing campaign, let’s schedule an appointment so you can learn more about digital marketing and our solutions that can help you grow your Real Estate Practice faster than you ever imagined possible. Call us today!

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