CRM and email marketing tips for small business | Copper CRM

CRM and email marketing tips for small business | Copper CRM


All right, so we know that a CRM helps you do better email marketing. But how do you actually do email marketing with a CRM?

Everyone has a different setup, but we recommend following these 5 email marketing tips to squeeze more ROI out of your email marketing campaigns for small business.

1. Choose the right email platform

If you want to do email marketing, you need to choose a platform to send your messages. You can stick with Gmail if you want (using features like Copper’s bulk emails), or you can go with platforms like MailChimp, too.

Make sure to choose an email platform that integrates with your CRM. For example, Copper integrates with Mailchimp and ActivePipe.

Whatever you do, choose a well-known, reputable email marketing platform. Sendability and reputation matter a lot in email marketing, so be choosy!

Try out a couple of different email platforms before you commit to one. Most platforms offer a free trial so you can make sure you like it before signing on the dotted line.

2. Segment your audience

Please don’t let your email marketing list become one huge, unwieldy database. If you keep every contact in the same list, you can’t send personalized emails — and that means you’re missing out on a lot of sales.

Use your CRM to do more intelligent segmentation in your email marketing campaigns. You can place customers into different lists based on factors like:

The best part? Your CRM will build these lists for you automatically. All you need to do is set the parameters and let the segmentation happen for you — presto! This will save you the headaches of moving contacts around after the fact, so do things right from the start and segment your email audience with a CRM.

3. Personalize your emails

36% of shoppers say businesses should offer personalized experiences, and email marketing is definitely low-hanging fruit for personalization.

Instead of cold emailing everyone and their mother, a CRM helps you create relationships with leads before you start emailing them. With the right data on your side, you can start emailing warm leads who have already expressed interest in your services, from a personalized welcome email to a targeted monthly email newsletter.

Translation: personalization will give you more responses and more sales.

With a CRM like Copper, you can see a complete detail of each contact’s history with you. Thanks to email marketing tags, you can drop details like the recipient’s name, order history and more into your emails for a dash of personalization.

Copper will even allow you to add personal details to templates — it takes just a few seconds and it drastically increases your chances of getting a response.

4. Automate email sequences

Automation is, hands down, one of the best ways to marry CRM and email marketing for small businesses. Automation cuts down on the time needed to manage your email campaigns — heck, it can even help you cut labor costs by taking on tasks your employees used to handle.

Use your email marketing platform to create trigger-based automation for your email campaigns. Every time a contact takes a certain action, like clicking a link, it triggers a new message (or action) to fire.

You can use automation for situations like:

The sky’s the limit! Just make sure you thoroughly test your email marketing automation. You don’t want to accidentally send 20 emails to your customer in one day.

5. Keep your email list clean

When it comes to your small business email marketing list, more isn’t better. Keeping disengaged contacts on your email list is like inviting people to a party who don’t want to be there. And where’s the fun in that?

Every now and then, use your CRM to help clean your email list. For example, if you’re using Copper, you can remove leads who haven’t engaged with an email in the last three months.

If that sounds too extreme, you can always set up an email automation campaign to “break up” with disengaged contacts. Give them one last chance to get in touch before you remove them from the list a few days later.

It might sting removing contacts from your list, but this will:

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