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Brand marketing to the new generation: Gen Z

Brand marketing to the new generation: Gen Z

The Generation Z sea change is upon us and marketers who aren’t evolving their strategies to engage this younger generation are already falling behind. A body of research is emerging that shows how Gen Z is different from their predecessors, but the nature of those differences and the implications for brands have remained largely hypothetical – until now.

To help marketers put the Gen Z difference into real-world context, CM Group recently partnered with F’inn on a cross-generational survey of more than 1,000 consumers, the results of which were analyzed by our panel of retail and media experts to reveal meaningful insights and action plans for brands.

Without a doubt, Gen Z will continue to redefine the commerce and media landscapes—not to mention society and culture as a whole—in the coming years. So what best practices and go-forward strategies can marketers glean from these fresh insights into the attitudes and habits of today’s young consumers? We turned to CM Group’s panel of industry specialists across media, retail and other sectors to weigh in on the implications of evolving consumer expectations for the coming five years. 

Check out this quick carousel of the 5 takeaways we recommend you integrate into your marketing strategy, especially if Gen Z is a large part of your target audience.

These are just a few of the practices that will set you up for marketing success with the growth of this new generation, especially as they become the decision makers in key industries and verticals like higher education, fitness, retail, restaurant, and fitness. Get more tips and insight from the full Marketing to Gen Z: A Fresh Approach to Reach a New Generation of Consumers report here

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