5 best tips to up your email marketing game : Augusta Free Press

5 best tips to up your email marketing game : Augusta Free Press


Published Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2021, 11:24 am

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Improving a company’s marketing game requires a few simple steps. Most business owners know a little about marketing, but they are not professionals. Use these tips to ensure that the business is visible, popular, and engaging. As the business grows, these tips can be tweaked to ensure that they work with the company’s current business model. Moreover, email marketing should be a fluid process that changes as the trends change. A good manager or business owner remains in touch with their industry.

1. Emails should be consistent

An eCommerce email marketing agency will create a consistent campaign that reaches customers throughout the week. You cannot send one email a month hoping to see results. For the most part, a company that is sending emails should reach customers once or twice a week.

Consistent emails should reach customers at the same time every week. Consider when customers get to work, when they leave work, and when they have time to check their email.

2. Educate customers

Every email should educate customers, giving them insight into the business, its products, or how to use those products. For example, a company that makes kitchen cabinets can educate consumers on why its designs are durable, beautiful, and raise the value of a home. If that company sells to wholesalers or contractors, it can explain why the cabinets are easy to install, why they are cost-effective, and how the company ships to meet all deadlines.

Educational content should change throughout the year, and it should also be seasonal. A landscaping company can send educational content about winter lawn maintenance in the late summer so that customers are thinking about signing up for those packages. In like manner, some businesses are busiest during holidays. Writing educational content about the holidays get customers in the mood and makes them more likely to buy.

3. Create better subject line

While an email should have a good subject line, it cannot look like spam. Put the name of the company at the front of the email, use an educational article title to engage customers, and write the email as normal. Without this critical piece, most customers never open business emails.

Subject lines should immediately offer value to the customer by explaining why the email is there. Yes, customers want to learn about a business, but they should also get a deal of some kind. Slip even a small discount into each email subject to entice customers to read further.

4. Use graphics

No one wants to read a long email that is nothing more than a long string of words. Write short paragraphs that are broken up by images. When you use images and graphics, the emails look much better than they would otherwise. Plus, the images and graphics give the business an air of casual confidence and excitement. Even a very buttoned-up business like a law office should use clean background and chiseled fonts to make its point.

You are showing customers that you took the time to communicate with them in a meaningful way. Anything less is not worth the customer’s time, and it will likely end up in the trash folder.

5. Encourage responses

Encourage responses from your customers by asking them to write back with questions or concerns. Nothing is more annoying than responding to a marketing email with legitimate questions only to receive a response moments later stating that you do not monitor that inbox.

When you respond to customers, speak to them using their first names. You want to build relationships with customers, and you can do that by chatting over email. In the world we live in, it can be difficult to meet new customers face-to-face. It makes much more sense to talk over email and close the deal.

Businesses can also include the customer service team in an email if needed. For example, a customer writes back with a concern about a recent purchase. CC someone on the customer service team and respond to the customer. The customer gets in touch with the customer service team, but the sales email thread does not stop. The sales team can step in to ask the customer if they are happy with the service they received, and the sales team can hope to close another deal.

Build your business using email marketing today

When companies grow, they must use as many tactics as possible to get the results that they want. When creating an email marketing plan, reach out to an eCommerce email marketing agency, create a campaign, and build educational content that anyone can use. As educational content goes out, respond to all questions or concerns, tagging or CCing the customer service team as needed. Using graphics and beautiful fonts makes companies look professional and use subject lines that include a tiny discount and an informational title.

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