TDA's Top Digital Marketing Agencies Winter 2022 - Top Digital Agency

TDA’s Top Digital Marketing Agencies Winter 2022 – Top Digital Agency


The following agencies made it into our winter 2022 top 10 best digital marketing agencies because of their outstanding work and contribution to TDA. Check out our list to learn more about each agency, their clients, case studies, and articles!

To name these agencies, we rate them on a variety of factors: we consider the quality of their work, their recent projects, the agency’s expertise in the field, and willingness to share helpful knowledge and insights with our community through publishing articles on TDA.

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About the agency:

Admiral Media is a Mobile App Marketing Agency. Focusing on user acquisition, lead generation and app downloads. Admiral Media was founded in 2019. and since then has generated millions of downloads and generated thousands of leads for clients of all types.

“We take creatives seriously. So, we build a framework of creative production to make sure we find that killer creativity.” Rapid Scale for Fast Commerce, by Admiral Media

About the agency:

Elirius Media helps businesses around the world to grow and achieve their business goals with efficient Social Advertising and revenue-driven Google Ads strategies.

“Our strategy was to conduct a detailed audience persona analysis to create the right keywords paired with effective, personalized ad copy. Through extensive research and valuable input from the client, we were very optimistic that our strategy would work.” My anime design E-commerce (SEA)  by Elirius Media

About the agency:

Pixellion is a leading digital marketing agency based in Yangon, Myanmar. Our goal is to deliver innovation-focused problem solving and design craftsmanship that differentiates and stands the test of time.

“Designing a great logo is one of the most important things you can do for your business or website. A good logo should convey the intended message to your audience without additional explanation or context.” Yangon Door2Door Branding Case Study by Pixellion

About the agency:

Bright is an interactive digital agency that can bring life to any business, product, or service in a digital environment. They create bright ideas that inspire and differentiate our clients from others!

“By evaluating each client’s industry, goals, and target audience, Bright team offers solutions that allow successfully launching your product/ service into the market, as well as positively surprising everyone with your unique presence in the online environment.” Web Design Trends For 2021. by Bright


About the agency:

ADINDEX is a digital marketing agency, which provides marketing solutions for E-commerce businesses. The company has more than 9 years of experience in digital marketing, plenty of successful cases and more than 50 satisfied customers from EN, DE, PL, … (more)

“Focusing on the only goal – the growth of the project, over the past five years, we have successfully helped to update dozens of sites Having an impressive work experience, we came to the understanding that coordinated work in a team of two players – an SEO agency and a client – is essential to achieve this goal.

How to Update a Website Without Losing Rank by Eugene Gnedash, SEO specialist

About the agency:

Fook is a close-knit group of designers, photographers, videographers, writers, and strategists, and we know what it takes to communicate effectively… (more)

“It is a brand identity that mirrors the care, quality, and timelessness of her art, and one that can grow with her as her career evolves and expands.”  Karena Evans by Fook Communications

About the agency:

We are here to continue inbound’s work by providing accessible insights for marketers and business owners to make smarter decisions. This is what fuels our passion for research, statistics, and data… (more)

“When you focus less on selling and more on helping is when you also start building client trust. This is called social proof. It is the secret sauce of influencers and how they manage to break down the barriers of communication most businesses regularly face.” Frugal Marketing Fundamentals to Look Out For by CopyRock Marketing

State Puppet Theatre Varna
Prikazka Za Teb
N1CE Blockchain (more)

8. Victorious

About the agency:

Victorious is ROI-obsessed, data-driven, and the only top digital marketing agency in the US that focuses exclusively on SEO.

“We’ve also set a new record for most monthly organic sessions in the site’s history for seven consecutive months – and the plan is to keep the momentum going.” 513% Year-Over-Year Increase in Organic Traffic by Victorious

About the agency:

Our digital philosophers’ motivated team unites to develop high-level digital experiences that grow companies… (more)

“The campaign was an immediate success on Facebook, as it started generating qualified leads on day 1 and never stopped.”
Case Study: Adaptamos Group by Capta Media

Adaptamos group
Tailor Brands LTD
Organízate Conmigo
Primestay LLC (more)

10. HelpGood

About the agency:

HelpGood develops digital-first marketing and communications strategies for nonprofits and mission-driven organizations that inspire action. We help you reach, engage and activate diverse communities across owned, earned, partner and paid media… (more)

We’ve grown Smokey Bear’s total social pawprint by almost 2000% and we reach and engage over 430,000 Smokey fans.Social Media for the Longest-running PSA Campaign in Us History by HelpGood

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