How To Generate More Results From Your Email Marketing Campaigns


There are many ways to market a product/service. One way, which has become more popular, is through opt-in email marketing. The strategy of Email marketing, if done correctly, is a great marketing tool and an easy way to make extra sales. There are many factors which should be taken into consideration while opting-in Email marketing.

First and foremost, when you opt-in you should provide your contacts with a good amount of useful information. Whether you are doing research, tips, or whatever, the information which you send is going to be invaluable for your contacts. They should really get to know you. The best strategy is to share only useful information, and you can’t just send tips or strategies to your prospects. This is where your email marketing skills comes in. You can set up a web page, which would explain to your contacts how to use your product, how to maximize its full potential. You can explain the various tips and strategies. This way the prospects would truly believe in your. By doing this the prospects would actually believe in what you’re selling. You must give them information, tips, and strategies, but do not allow it to be too much.

Tip: Try not to send a personal email to your contact, only a template email should be enough. In doing that you avoid more problems and conflicts. Also it keeps your prospect interested in what you’re selling.

Now the best part is that the email marketing strategy is an easy process and you should be able to send email marketing messages to your opt-in list with little effort and time.

1. Ensure that your contacts list contains at least your contact details, your web site address, your email address etc.

2. Make sure that you provide the right incentive to your contacts. The incentive is the incentive. You should try to give the prospect at least 2 incentive emails in your email marketing campaign. One should be tips or strategies while the second one is a marketing strategy. This way the prospects don’t get confused. They wouldn’t even be able to recognize the emails, if it’s a tips email or a marketing strategy. The reason why this strategy works, is because the prospects like to know what the difference is between the two.

3. One email must be an introduction to what you’re selling, the purpose of the email is to obtain the interest of the prospect in what you’re selling. Don’t make the email too much. Don’t make it long. Let’s say 3 paragraphs in length, but no more. You should start your email with an attention grabbing paragraph or statement that will create interest. There must be a specific problem or need of the prospects. Also you must stress the urgency.

4. The most important step after that is to make the first sentence in the email compelling. If your first sentence doesn’t grab the prospects’ attention, they will certainly skip over it. The first sentence is the first sentence that the prospects think of when they’re opening the email. There must be a clear heading in the email. The heading should be the most important part of the email. The heading should be captivating.

With these basic techniques that you’ve just learned in email marketing, you’ll now be able to successfully create email marketing campaigns that get results.

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