Real Estate Digital Marketing to Boost Sales | Real Estate Marketing Guide

Real Estate Digital Marketing to Boost Sales | Real Estate Marketing Guide



The digital world is unlimited and has changed the way we make our purchasing decisions. The new channel offers unlimited opportunities to engage with the right audience as a real estate developer.

Several decades back, the residential property became considered a luxurious property. The process of buying a home was a long and tedious one.

But, this trend has changed radically. a large count of home buyers research online and discover it suitable to check and shortlist apartments nearly before physically going to see it. In reality, data suggests that 92% of home buyers search online to find their real home. in addition, 82% of real estate market investors trust online agents as a consistent source of information, and 42% have resorted to the Internet as their primary search middle.

How can real estate builders connect with India’s next billion internet users?

Indians are a large presence across almost every most important digital platform. Facebook is, by far, the most trendy social media platform, with 240 million Indian users who are frequently accessing the platform throughout their phones. These numbers show that the online space is a goldmine for developers to connect with their audience in the most impactful way.

By effectively utilizing the Top Tools for Social Media Analytics, property developers can recognize their customers better and generate more targeted campaigns.

Understand audience to personalize marketing strategie

In order to create content that homeowners will actually find valuable, real estate developers require knowing who they’re speaking to. By 2020, almost 40 percent of all Internet users in India will be women. These points towards the rising importance of creating content that women will find related.

Create campaigns specifically for mobile

One of the most attractive characteristics of India’s Internet usage is that most Indians haven’t followed the common pattern of Internet acceptance. While internationally, most people first used a computer and then migrate to mobile phones, Indians seem to have skipped the computer stage totally.

According to a survey by Stat counter, Indians use their mobiles to access the Internet approximately 80 percent of the time. This means that home developers must be producing content exclusively designed for mobile phones if they want to connect with the next billion Internet customers.

Use local languages to contact a wider audience

While the number of English-speaking Internet users in India is mainly static, the number of regional language users is rising at an immediate pace. One of the key reasons for this increase is Internet dispersion in tier II and III cities, along with villages.
In fact, Google estimated that about 30% of users in India are from rural areas. If property builders want to develop a personal relationship with probable homeowners, then a strong regional language real estate digital marketing strategy is critical.

Optimize brands for voice search

Voice search in India might be in the nascent stage at the moment, but it is growing at a stable rate. It is reported by Google that 28% of all results are voice searches. Even more talented is the fact that there has been a 400 percent growth in Hindi voice search. Voice search has vast implications for SEO because conventional keywords aren’t used when talking naturally. For real estate developers, this requires that to remain available on the digital platform, they have to find new ways to become searchable in voice search engine results.

Use the ‘missed call’ extension in the Google Adwords

This is why AdWords has newly rolled out a ‘Missed Call’ characteristic which can help address this concern. When a user selects the Missed Call option on an ad, a call is located and then instantly cut. Behind this, the user will receive an automatic call telling them to stay on the line while their call is connected to the business.

At the same time, the business will also receive a call from Google. Once both the user and the business are on the call, they will be linked to each other. This characteristic can help real estate developers connect with probable homeowners in a better way and track conversion more successfully.

Adding call extension

Adding call extensions to your ads increase conversion rates and also click-through rates. Real estate developers will engage with home buyers through this extension.

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