7 Ways To Become a Better Affiliate Marketing Content Creator    - MaxBounty Blog

7 Ways To Become a Better Affiliate Marketing Content Creator    – MaxBounty Blog


Becoming a proficient content creator can be one of the best ways to propel your affiliate marketing career.

Afterall, creating content is all about developing an effective inbound marketing channel. You are trying to put value online in hopes of attracting people to your site, page, or channel which you then monetize.  

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you’re essentially trying to create a long-term, organic traffic source. You’re then using your content to direct traffic to affiliate offers as your form of monetization.   

Content creation can include any of the following practices as well as combinations of two or more:

No matter which one of the above categories describes you, there’s always still room to improve your craft. Doing so can have a significant impact on your future success as an affiliate.

That’s why we compiled seven ways for you to become a better content creator that apply to every specialty above.

1. Focus on Current/Relevant Content

The most searched and sought-after information is usually also the most current.  

People want to know what’s happening right now, not four months ago.

By producing content that’s relevant to any developing trends, you increase your chances of attracting new visitors.  

Luckily, being aware of what’s happening in any type of industry is easy if you put in a little work.  

Here’s a few things you can do to ensure you stay in the loop:

2. Determine Your Voice

Unless you’re an utter visionary, it’s going to be difficult to produce something truly original. There’s just simply so many people creating online content that inevitably you’re doing something that’s already been done.  

So why would someone read, watch, or listen to yours over other people?

Fortunately, you have something on your side that no one else does: yourself.

By allowing your own personality to be reflected in what you’re creating, you ensure you’re providing something unique. Better yet, if you’re struggling to define what your personality is, you can always just make a new one!

If you’re writing a product review, don’t just focus on creating grammatically correct sentences and paragraphs. Focus on communicating your message in a natural way that other people will enjoy. That way they have a reason to come back in addition to your content.

Just make sure you keep your voice and tone consistent across any connective content.

3. Start Guest Posting

Sometimes the best content you can give your audience isn’t even yours.

Guest posting is a relatively easy way to give your audience fresh content from a different perspective. It can also help build your site’s reputation if you’re able to partner with those who are already viewed positively in an online community.

There’s two ways you can approach getting guest content featured on your site:

This makes the most sense if your goal is to just increase the content on your site with relative ease (You don’t have to write anything outside of potential edits). They’ll also likely be happy to help you out since in return they are getting their own content featured more prominently.

2. Reach out to a content creator with a larger following than you.

This is obviously more difficult to achieve but with it comes more value. Having the opportunity to feature someone with a larger presence than yourself can:

To get someone to provide you with guest content, simply reach out to them through either email, social media account, or other contact method.

Explain what it is you do and how you think they could add value to your platform. In return, you can either offer to return the favour with guest content of your own or allow them to insert back links to their own content in their guest post.

The latter can provide them with a nice SEO boost which they likely won’t turn down.  

4. Become a Content Consumer

It’s recommended that aspiring novelists should read as many books as they can. That’s because familiarizing yourself with those who excel at a craft is one of the best ways to improve at it yourself.

The same goes with any content related to your affiliate marketing strategy.

If you’re trying to build a blog into an organic traffic source, read those that have already accomplished that feat.

You’ll gain a better understanding of what’s required to be successful while subconsciously improving your own writing skills. Both of those are going to help you accelerate your growth as a blogger.  

You might also pick up a few ideas that can help get your creative wheels turning.

Afterall, inspiration isn’t created out of thin air.

5. Utilize Third-party SEO tools

As we mentioned prior, creating content in affiliate marketing means you’re trying to achieve a steady acquisition of organic, free traffic.

For this to occur, people need to be able to easily find that content.

You can provide the most helpful reviews or educational content on the web, but not many people will even know if your SEO sucks.

However, improving your SEO isn’t as easy as throwing in some keywords. Most of the time you’ll need some help in determining what steps to take.

This is where third-party SEO tools can provide significant value.

They’ll help you construct an SEO plan with a purpose. This will ensure you’re not wasting time addressing issues that will have little affect on your search ranking.

More specifically, platforms like SEMrush and Ahrefs can help you:

6. Increase Your Post Quantity

Although the quality of your content will always be king, quantity is also an important factor.

In today’s age of shrinking attention spans and oversaturated social platforms, you need to keep you and your content fresh in the minds of your audience.

Think of it as a simple math equation. If you put out four reviews one month and eight reviews the next month, which month do you think your site will have higher engagement, clicks, etc.? Outside of one of your reviews in the first month going semi-viral, the answer is obviously the second.

Studies show that more content = more engagement.

Platforms like Facebook will even reward you for increasing the quantity of your posts by prioritizing it over accounts that post less frequently.  

To consistently pump out content that is going to attract more visitors, you’ll require just two things:

These can both be accomplished by simply creating a content schedule that also includes adequate time for research.  

Don’t overthink it. Write, record, review, educate more than you’re currently doing. Just ensure you never sacrifice quality for quantity.

7. Ensure You Are Passionate

We’re saving the simplest but mort important point for last.

If you aren’t attached to the content you’re creating, your audience is going to notice. That’s not what you want.

This applies to any type of content creation from video production to blogging.

The importance of having passion for something you’re going to be spending so much time working on and discussing cannot be understated. Doing so will provide numerous benefits including:

The value of truly caring about your content is immeasurable.

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