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email marketing for local bandsEmail marketing for local bands can end the age old debate of who should be promoting, the club owner or the band? Book more and build your fan base with email marketing.

Being a part of the local live music scene in the Houston area, I see this debate get kicked around a lot. Restaurant and Club owners want the bands to bring in customers and the band wants the club owner to take on all the marketing.

I’ve played high-end club gigs, hole in the wall dive bars, and many places in between. And, the story is always the same. Each side is pointing the finger at the other saying, “You should be doing more to bring people in.”

If you actually want to book more and be able to charge higher booking rates, be smarter than the other bands. Here is the thing you need to realize: Restaurant and club owners are business people. The ONLY reason they are even considering booking you and/or your band is that they want to bring in more business. That owner is thinking like this: “If I spend $200, will I at least see an increase of $225 for the evening?

Your band may be better than “those other guys”. Your arrangements may be better. Your crew may be tighter. But if that owner is going to lose money every time they pay you to gig, you won’t be playing much. But if you can show that owner how the money they spend booking you and your crew will result in increased revenue, you will be booked more and can actually start charging more because you’d actually be worth it to the club owner.

Imagine talking to a club owner and being able to tell them, “Yes. When you book us, we send out an announcement to our fan base telling them where and when we are playing. We typically see ________ of our fans show up at places like this and we’d love to tell them about your tequila bar.” Then … after you deliver … you can book more dates in a row and even charge a higher rate.

This is why I believe wholeheartedly in email marketing for local bands: The band that can add the most value simply gets the most gigs. 

So how do you give your act the market advantage? Start by opening an email marketing account with us at You will get a free 30 day trial and can start building your fan base today.

If your band has a web site, you can add a simple capture form to let visitors know they can get email updates on where you will be playing next.

Want to be really slick? Tell your readers that you will buy one lucky guest a drink from the bar (must be present to win).

While on a gig, have a QR code that shows folks how they can be added to your list for more followup and updates. Put the QR code on your tip jar.

When customers tell you, “You guys are awesome!“, you show them how to get on your list for even more upcoming gigs.

You and I both know that most of them won’t remember your name by the time they get home. But you’ve got their name on your list now so you can follow up. See how that works?

Got questions? Ask! I’m here to help.

Brian Rooney, CEO

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