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Salsa Dancing and Email Marketing

Salsa Dancing and Email MarketingHow do Salsa Dancing and Email Marketing work together? Recently, my wife and I got invited to a free salsa dancing lesson. We had talked about trying some lessons and when we got invited, it just worked out for us to be there.

So, we arrived at the local club, ordered a couple of drinks and some food. The margaritas were good. Within minutes, we were invited to the dance floor and the free lesson began. We got introduced to the basic count, a bit of cumbia, and we really had a great time. We were thinking, “Yeah, we should look in to registering for classes at the dance studio.

The instructor then did something very smart. She closed the session by saying, “Class, you all did a wonderful job. We’d love to invite you to the studio to learn more about our classes. Before you leave, come see me and I will add you to our email list to send you some information.”

And, yes … I asked to be added to the list. I told the instructor about TrafficWave and she wants me to come by and talk to her about how it works.

So, let’s break down what happened that night.

I wasn’t thinking about salsa dancing and email marketing. I was thinking “Free salsa dance lesson? I’m in!

The dance studio set up and invited people for a free salsa lesson (The bribe). Turns out, quite a few folks were interested in a free salsa lesson.

We took the studio up on the offer. The instructor gave great lessons. She was clear, professional, and very effective (Building rapport).

At the end of the session, after she had established value, she invited us all to add ourselves to their email list for followup.

I have no doubt they will get new students from this approach (Closing the sale).

If you follow my training on “Keeping TABS On Your Email Marketing“, here’s how they did it:


They drove traffic by inviting people out for free salsa lessons.

Acuire Leads

Each person that showed up for that class is a “lead”. I’m pretty sure every student in the class got on the list for followup.

Build Rapport

The instructor added real value. She taught us a few basic moves and invited us to dance. We loved it. We trusted her.


No doubt they will have new students enrolling. I plan to be one of them.

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