Digital Marketing for Yoga, SEO, Social Media PPC for Yoga

Digital Marketing for Yoga, SEO, Social Media PPC for Yoga



Create a Facebook Business Page

Lots of yoga teachers use the personal Facebook page as a yoga business page. What they did not realize is that they can only have a limited number of friends and you cannot take advantage of the feature that is available on business page owners. Wishlist it is true that it is becoming harder for business to gain organic reach through the pages there are still many reasons to keep your page on going not only do you gain insight on your fans, but you can also run Facebook ads from a business page which can be super helpful if you plan to run retreats or create online products such as yoga courses in the future.

Become Socially Visual

Sign up to Canva and start playing around with all the graphic design tools, templates, and inspiration at your fingertips to create visual content for a website, blog post, and social media. Canva is a gateway for creating your quote, images, and adding copy to your images to promote a class. It is super easy to use and something most people use daily. It is the best way to start developing ideas for yoga branding.

Capture Moments

Get used to snapping moments throughout the day that can be shared on social media and start building a bank of images to make the process of posting easier. You can post quotes like- yoga glow, morning smoothie, home practice, walk in the park, class planning, posture progress, etc. There is always a story movement you can share. The important thing is to get into the habit of collecting content and posting regularly.

Be Insightful

The beauty of digital is that everything can be tracked and traced and that of big data start learning more about the students and audience were getting into the data. Knowing more about those who are engaging with you online will help you target potential students with the same character. Both Facebook and Instagram for robust followers in size and Google analytics provide data on your website visitors.

Stay Connected

Make sure you collect everything up to provide links on a website to all your social media accounts using the platform icons and share buttons. A very simple text to cross-promote and this is something that most people forget you can post a link on a Facebook page to an Instagram profile and vice versa.

Build an Email List

Sign up for a free Mailchimp account and do this today! It is the most important tool in a digital marketing Toolbox to set up a subscriber form on its website to collect email addresses and you can even connect it to a Facebook page and collect email addresses there. Make sure you have an irresistible offer that you can Email to your new email subscriber in exchange for the email addresses but even if you do not have that let sign up to Mailchimp and set up a subscriber form to get started.

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