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Why Email Marketing Is So Profitable » Email Marketing


Why Email Marketing Is So Profitable

Why Email Marketing Is So ProfitableHave you ever wondered why email marketing is so profitable? (If you do it right, of course). There are a few reasons successful email marketers are sold out to the process of list building and follow up via email marketing. This article dives in to why.

When Is The Last Time You Checked Your Email?

Most people check their email several times throughout the day.

The average office worker checks their email around 30 times per day.

Email is still the #1 activity on the internet. 94% of people surveyed said they go online to check their email first thing in the morning.

Put your marketer hat on. What does this tell you? Your prospects and customers are checking their email every day, throughout the day. Doesn’t it just make sense to put your information where they are already looking?

Have you ever subscribed to a local restaurant or retail store for a discount or to stay updated on their offers? You probably signed up for a service like Amazon, your favorite concert events, your favorite restaurant, right? Then what happened?

You started getting regular emails about:

Do you realize that the reason they are sending those emails is to keep their brand in front of you? Email builds brand recognition, familiarity, and trust. How many times have you remembered an email that offered a discount or an important tip? You probably went searching through your emails for that message. (I did it, today, at Best Buy!)

Email marketing gives marketers the broadest reach of all the marketing channels available to them. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates on average $32 to $44 in return on investment (if it’s done right). There are 3 times more email accounts than Facebook and Twitter accounts combined.

So how does your business tap in the power and profitability of email marketing?

You absolutely MUST dedicate at least a part of your daily activity to building your list. This is done through prospecting, networking, advertising, referrals, social media, etc… And, we do mean DAILY. The people that have successful email marketing experiences are the ones that are committed to daily activity to build their list and increase their engagement with that list. Those who do it “here and there” or “when they think about it” typically experience poor to no results.

If you don’t have an email marketing service provider, we invite you to start today with a Free 30 Day Trial.

Email marketing lets you target your best prospects. Only people that WANT your information will request to be on your list. Better than just randomly scrolling on social media, they actively inquired about your offer when they filled out your capture form.

You can then use your followup messages to show them how you can help them solve their problem, establish yourself as a credible professional, and drive sales revenue.

This is why email marketing is so profitable. If you’re not using email marketing already, click here to start now.

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