What Are Some Digital Marketing ROI Metrics You Should Know?

What Are Some Digital Marketing ROI Metrics You Should Know?


When you look at return on investment (ROI) and digital marketing as a whole, they are always evolving and changing all the time. Thanks to the pandemic, the speed at which we are all moving to digital has sped up dramatically, which is much faster than we ever expected.

ROI is an important part of digital marketing, as well as of part of marketing, as it tells you whether you’re getting your money’s worth from your marketing campaigns. It gives you the possibility to know, from exact numbers, which ones should receive the highest budget percentage. Strategic decision making, based on data, is increasingly necessary in the corporate world.

Unfortunately, when you’re looking through Google Analytics, there is so much information there’s so much information that is thrown at you that it can make things difficult to accurately measure the ROI of your digital marketing efforts. This is why finding the right key metric to track is important.

Stoney G deGeyter has written a post for Search Engine Journal where he goes over 15 important metrics that you can use to help measure the ROI of your digital marketing.

Stoney discusses the following metrics:

  1. Cost per lead (CPL).
  2. Lead close rate.
  3. Cost per acquisition (CPA).
  4. Average order value (AOV).
  5. Conversion rates by channel.
  6. Conversion rates by device.
  7. Exit rate.
  8. Blog click-through rates.
  9. Customer lifetime value (CLV).
  10. Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  11. Time invested in project/campaign vs. returns.
  12. Traffic to lead ratio.
  13. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).
  14. Overall revenue.
  15. Customer retention rate.

If you aren’t using any of the following metrics, this is your chance to see what they’re all about!

Check out the Search Engine Journal post here to find out more!

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