Digital Marketing And It s New Normal The Inevitable Switch-Harish Pednekar - BW Disrupt

Digital Marketing And It s New Normal The Inevitable Switch-Harish Pednekar – BW Disrupt


Ever since the rise of the internet, digital marketing has turned out to be an exceptionally essential field for every operating business. Nevertheless, from the very beginning, it has been a dynamic and ever-changing sector, keeping up with the changing aspects of digital media and consumer behavior. Undeniably, with the ongoing pandemic, the business world including all its aspects has also been hit differently. Most of the companies have been operating online, and almost all employees have switched to the work-from-home model. The digital marketing trends, therefore, have also changed significantly, diving more into consumer needs, the utility value of products, and many more such details which may not have been traced earlier.

1. Social media: The X factor –

With the hit of the pandemic, people have inevitably switched to social media for many hours of their day. This trend has opened a diverse window of opportunities for companies aspiring to retain as well as gain new customers. Businesses further should plan more resources and strategic planning into their social media team because it may become a primary platform for brand identity and marketing. It also is a golden opportunity for small businesses to level up their game of business prospects.

2. Content Continues to Remain the King-

As previously stated, social media has become an important marketing platform for reaching out to the target market. In such a scenario, engaging and appealing content on social media sites or company website makes a lot of difference. It is an effective means of propagating the product value and brand identity. Furthermore, adding short surveys or self-customization features will help knowing more about the visitors and catering to their changing needs.

3. Connection is the Key –

Today, when customers have become highly aware and learned about all aspects of the business, it only makes sense to be authentic while communicating with them. Connecting on a personal level with the target market is a prerequisite, not only for selling the product once but also for customer retention and brand loyalty. Interactive sessions like quizzes, games, polls, surveys, contests, assessments, etc. are some examples. Moreover, holding an active social media handle like Instagram or Facebook Live, Reels and Stories also are efficient in building the network.

4. Retention Should be the New Focal Point –

As the experts state, retaining old customers is far more cost-effective than growing new ones. Therefore, investing in the later stages of sale is given significant importance. These old ones can also help to invite the new, through a series of referrals and reviews. Segmenting the loyal customer base and taking care of their after-sale needs is a cost-effective way of both retentions as well as development.

5. Trust the SEOs –

Local Search Engine Optimization and Google listings hold immense importance, especially for a small business targeting further growth and development. What it does is that it attracts unpaid traffic to the business website, therefore enabling it to be known and identified by more and more residents. Rather than targeting the cream layer, it deals with the mass and can be very helpful in widening the customer base and brand awareness.

6. Prioritize your Assets –

These tough times have impacted both employee’s stability and productivity. Sitting kilometers away from the workplace, it surely has been a bitter-sweet experience. Companies need to acknowledge the change and develop better strategies to keep them connected, working towards the same goal for the company. Apart from the business prospects, they also have to fulfill the social responsibility to remain in the good books of their customers.

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