I Can Learn Everything from Youtube. Do I Need a Digital Marketing Academy?

I Can Learn Everything from Youtube. Do I Need a Digital Marketing Academy?


The world seems to move at a faster pace, where people believe in learning on the go over extensive learning. Social media platforms such as youtube serve as the go-to sources. But can aspirants of the booming sectors like Digital Marketing have a consumerized learning experience through platforms like youtube?

Based on how accessible the internet is today, the number of people and their activities on the internet has raised significantly. Digital Marketing helps individuals and brands to reach their internet-based audiences in a much easier and faster manner. Digital marketing course provides a diverse scope and opportunities for various personas. Learning digital marketing not only helps students in upgrading their skills, but it also helps businesses to gain more potential audiences. It is the main reason many people have shown their interest in learning digital marketing.

There are many institutes all over the country that provide digital marketing training. Besides that, these days youtube channels have come up explaining different topics of digital marketing.

Now the question is where should one learn digital marketing from? Should we learn it from a digital marketing academy or youtube? What benefits do we get by learning digital marketing in an institute?

Why Should One Choose Learning In A Digital Marketing Academy Over Youtube?

Structured Learning Process

When we make our minds to learn something, the first question that we ask ourselves is how and where do I start? Digital Marketing training Institutes give up a pre-planned and structured module. The whole training process has its base on a structured module. This helps us to learn digital marketing in a proper flow and get informed about every topic in detail. Learning from youtube at the beginning creates a lot of confusion on which concept to start. Creating a module without proper knowledge of the subject is very difficult.

Interactive Sessions

Interactive sessions emphasize engagement. According to a study done by Carnegie Mellon University, interactive sessions help a person to gain six times more knowledge than one-way training. Digital Marketing Institutes give us abundant opportunities to interact and engage with our peers and instructors during the session. But while learning on youtube, a person can only listen to the speaker. The chance of getting the doubts cleared immediately is close to impossible.

Learning From Industry Experts

When we join a digital marketing institute, we receive training from industry experts. We get motivated by listening to the stories and experiences of the instructor. The experienced instructor helps the students throughout the course, provides them with tips on developing their digital marketing skills. It is undeniable that the digital marketing YouTubers also have experience in the field but they barely talk about their personal experiences and stories. Because of the time frame, they focus on giving technical information.

Insights On Latest Events

New technologies and features get updated now and then. The trainers or the industry experts in the digital marketing institute update the students about new events or innovations in the digital marketing field. This helps the students to gain more knowledge on the current digital marketing strategies. When we depend on youtube to learn, we mostly stay unaware of the new features and events.

Consumerization Of Learning

Due to the demand of people to learn courses online, digital marketing institutes work on consumerizing the learning modes. The institutes provide different modes of learning like the offline mode and online mode. They also have several timings set as per the need of the students. Many digital marketing training institutes also conduct weekend classes which are great for working professionals.

Network Building

When we join a digital marketing institute, we come across people with similar interests. We connect and share our ideas. In other words, we build a strong network with our peers. This network helps us during the training and also after the completion of the whole course. People in the network inform others about various opportunities like freelancing, placements, etc. There is no question of building a network in self-study mode.

Internship Opportunities

Many students and freshers actively look for internship opportunities. A lot of digital marketing training institutes provide internship opportunities to the students after the completion of the course. In this duration, the institute helps the students to work on real-time projects. The projects are mostly from real-world clients that have tie-ups with the institute. The internship opportunities help the students to gain a lot of experience and also help them to build a strong & impressive portfolio.

Placement Assistance

Digital Marketing Institutes have a human resource department or a placement committee that assists the students to get placed. The digital marketing training institutes build good connections with firms that hire digital marketers. After the training period, the digital marketing placement committee of the institute helps the students to develop their soft skills and prepare them for interviews.

Global Certifications

A digital marketer should have certifications to get recognition. Digital Marketing Institutions all over the country provide certifications on completion of the course, acknowledging the skills we have learned. We can never obtain a certificate by learning digital marketing on YouTube.

On-going Assistance

Digital Marketing Institutes provides lifetime support to the students. During the training, students receive one-to-one assistance. They get access to content and class recordings. After the course, the instructors and the authority connect with the students to inform them about various opportunities. Assistance is not an option when it comes to learning from youtube.

Although many channels and videos on youtube provide good information regarding digital marketing, the results we could get by joining the right digital marketing institute is ten times better than learning from youtube. The videos on youtube rather could be used to gain some extra knowledge. But investing time and money in an digital marketing training institute will help us to become an efficient digital marketer.

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