Why You Need Email Marketing — Email Marketing

Why You Need Email Marketing — Email Marketing


Wondering Why You Need Email Marketing?

you need email marketingHere is why you need email marketing: Your business needs sales and email marketing is the most cost effective marketing channel we have ever seen.

Technically, you could say that email marketing is any commercial message you send to customers or prospects. For far too many entrepreneurs, that pretty much sums up their approach to email marketing. They just blast sales messages. Understandably, their results are not real strong. Sadly, they begin to think email marketing doesn’t work. 

Smart email marketers use this powerful technology to go beyond blasting sales messages. They know email marketing can be used to build trust, create rapport, build loyalty, and increase brand awareness. All of these activities translate to the ultimate business goal of driving more sales.

The big goal of email marketing is help keep your message “front of mind” for prospects and customers alike. When prospects are looking at options, your email marketing message needs to show them that you can help them solve a problem. When customers are reviewing your emails, they need to feel like you are in tune with their needs and can continue to be of service to them. These are all excellent examples of why you need email marketing.

If you are not  yet using email marketing, your next question is probably, “How do I get started?” Let’s break it down:
Step 1: Choosing A Good Email Marketing Service
You will want to choose a company that offers flexibility in designing your messages, scheduling automated follow up, and targeting options to narrow your focus directly to your prospects. You will also want to consider pricing. Some companies charge you more as your list size grows. TrafficWave charges a low rate flat monthly fee, regardless of list size. In fact, we make it even easier by helping you get started with a Free 30 Day Trial.
Step 2: Set Up Your Messages
You can create automated followup messages to introduce prospects to your company and your products or services. You can create a template that includes your logo, header, and consistent branding.
Step 3: Set Up Your Capture Page
This could be as simple as adding a capture form plug-in to your blog, adding form code to your web site, or using a stand-alone capture page. This allows you to generate your leads and manage them all from one place. You can schedule automated followup messages. You can broadcast special offers and target specific prospects based on their preferences and interests.
Step 4: Drive Traffic To Your Offer
This can be via advertising, social media promotions, networking, etc… As you get visitors to your capture page, they can request more information which adds them to your list.
Key Components To Remember:
Building a list doesn’t happen overnight. It can take time. You will most likely be doing some testing to find what works best for you. Sometimes, changing a word or two on your capture page can have a dramatic impact on your subscription rate. A tweak in the right direction in your email message can have a big impact on your sales ratio. The key is to take the time, test different options, and be consistent with your efforts. Over time, you can build a targeted and profitable subscriber list. And that really is your ultimate goal.
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