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2021 is a year that is urging many businesses that haven’t gone digital yet. Since lockdowns, most of the countries of the world are becoming digital-centric. People are hardly getting out of their homes. Governments of many nations have advised citizens to remain quarantined and maintain social distancing to lower the evil spread of the virus. So, offline companies are hardly getting customers and clients. Many have shut down while others are struggling to pay employees their due wages.

So, brands are inclining towards digital marketing to reach targeted customers online successfully.

What are the probable marketing trends in this present crisis period and for the future?

The industry will play the role of the determining factor involving the exact social marketing trends that will drive customers. Many corporates have integrated AI into the marketing strategy. It is bestowing an augmented reality experience to the targeted customers. Many automobiles, real estate, etc., firms are using Artificial Intelligence. Again, Fashion Weeks are incorporating virtual reality for conducting runway shows. Food businesses are widely using digital marketing strategies so that people can get their food delivered at home whenever they want.

More trends will come with the passing time as letting all industries step into the digital world is the ultimate need of the hour. Otherwise, the total economy will crash drastically, leaving people jobless, homeless, and begging for a square meal. Many small to medium firms have already closed their doors, and they hardly know the time to reopen. The economy has been poorly affected, resulting in a financial crisis. To stop the further crash, companies are taking the help of digital marketing to stay firm and continue their business fruitfully. Also, it will help several enterprises to outdo their competitors and stay on track.

Businesses are learning innovative approaches for the current crisis time so that they can offer relevant convenience to the customers in their time of need.

The list of best digital marketing trends for now and future:

Shoppable posts:

Nowadays, people are searching for the easiest way to purchase things. Users are creating accounts on social media platforms so that they can click on a post featuring a product and get the link to shop for an item immediately. A survey has revealed that smartphone users are spending approximately 2 hours and 24 minutes on digital platforms. It is helping the brands to get enough time to reach customers via shoppable posts.

Video marketing:

As per a study, 92% of marketers believe that campaign strategies can become successful via video content. People love to watch audiovisual substances and prefer to engage with them more than merely written content like a blog post or a snippet.

Voice search:

People want everything fast. They constantly try to find the most convenient way to avail news and other information. So, there is considerable scope for voice search technology. Digital marketers are optimizing their content to suitable voice-friendly phrases and terms. It is to increase searchability and make a separate niche in modern households. The use of voice search will grow with future quarantines and lockdowns.

Artificial reality:

Now, consumers can see products in 3D format and make buying decisions. They don’t need to visit the stores or companies to check the item. The most outstanding part is that people can shop in person via AR from anywhere.

Social media messaging:

Almost everyone, nowadays, has an account on social media platforms, and they connect to friends and families and make new friends. Some even marry a special person met via Instagram or Facebook, or any other social media site. Besides, business holders make use of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc., for networking. They are reaching their targeted audience and gaining new customers also.

Interactive content:

Interactive content can keep people interested. Online polls, quizzes, shoppable posts can be seen chiefly in e-commerce platforms present on social media and websites. The business holders should focus on digital marketing strategies to make interactive content superbly attractive to make people stick to the brand.

Programmatic advertising:

It is a way of removing the scope for guessing ad placements. Business marketers can now purchase an advertisement in a real-time situation. Also, they can place the advertisement in the correct places to get the targeted audiences. Moreover, brands can now spend budget and get good ROI. Successful product marketing follows.

AI chatbox:

There is no replacement for the real human touch when it comes to shopping. Even people love the human touch in online shopping. Artificial Intelligence Chat Boxes are meeting various needs of customers. Customers are getting their queries solved while shopping. AI Chat Boxes provide an illusion of a real human interaction that can involve customers deeply.

Virtual reality:

It is gradually increasing in the marketing domain currently and will continue in the future. It creates an illusion, and customers get the feel of in-store shopping when they wear VR glasses.


The scope of digital marketing is growing immensely with new strategies and development coming in. Business marketers are concentrating on refining customer experience and retaining clients. People can shop their necessary items and services with more convenience, and there will be a job opportunity for millions of people helping the economic status to normalize.

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