How do Companies Measure Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is measurable. The term ‘digital marketing’ involves a number of digital strategies and channels that lead to connecting to customers online. The zone of digital marketing is vast, and it includes a vast array of tactics like email marketing, digital advertising, online brochures, and so on.

A proper digital marketing company employs highly trained and certified digital marketers who have a crystal clear picture of the way digital marketing campaigns help a brand reach goals. The marketers provide support to a big campaign via various paid and free channels in accordance with the marketing strategy designed for a particular brand.

Measuring digital marketing:

Content marketing

Content marketers working in a reputed digital marketing company are capable of creating a series of relevant blog posts. These posts generate leads. Then, skilled social media marketers come into the role play. They work towards promoting the blog posts via paid and organic posts on the client’s business social media account.

Email marketing

An email marketer generates email campaigns for subscribers. Nowadays, any website or app or channel ask viewers to subscribe so that updated info can be sent to them via email and push notification. Email marketing is a valid part of digital marketing that helps in keeping the customers engaged with specific brands.

Get a comprehensive view of all criteria required by your company through digital marketing:

An authentic digital marketing company has the reach to provide an up-to-date and complete view of all criteria that a firm usually needs. It involves viewers’ staying time on page, shares, views, impressions, clicks, etc. Digital marketing has no limitation related to measurability.

Digital marketers can show you the correct result in real-time.

Traditional marketing is unable to do it. Suppose you have placed an advertisement in a newspaper. But, you can’t know the number of people going through that advertisement. Hence, you cannot measure if your advertising has generated any sales or not. Whereas digital marketing allows you to calculate the return on investment as everything from the number of viewers to the number of sales can be tracked online. You will know the result of your effort.

Measure website traffic:

It is possible to count the exact number of people who visited and stayed on your website through digital marketing. Digital analytics software supports you to do it in real-time. Again, you can check the number of pages a person has visited. Moreover, you will know which device they used, their location, etc.

Digital marketers will assist you in understanding which marketing channels you must prioritize. It basically depends upon the number of viewers who visited your website through the channels. Added, you will know if you need to invest more time in SEO to boost traffic.

Offline marketing has hardly any option that can connect a brand directly with its customers. In this case, a brand needs a salesperson who acts as a connector between the both and helps sell items. But, digital marketing let you recognize patterns and trends before the items end up getting sold. Hence, with digital marketing, you can make more meaningful and practical decisions regarding the accurate way to attract maximum people to your website.

A digital marketing company let you measure content performance:

Business holders use leaflets, brochure, hoardings, etc., offering content about a brand in offline marketing. But, it can’t be counted how many viewers have seen these promotional things. Most of the time, people throw away brochures, leaflets, or handbills.

But, online marketing through websites and social media sites allows you to measure the number of visitors who viewed the content. Again, you can easily collect their contact details and create a valuable database. You can count how many people are truly interested in your products. Plus, generating qualified leads become easier.

Attribution modelling is possible:

You can track your sales starting from a consumer’s very first digital touchpoint with your brand online. A combination of digital marketing with the right tools and technologies is required. Attribution modelling enables you to recognize specific trends that people followed to research and purchase your brand’s product. Hence, you can efficiently make the right decisions about all parts of digital marketing strategy, and with the assistance of an esteemed digital marketing company, you can refine, modify or rectify the sales cycle.

It is optimally necessary to connect the dots lying between digital marketing and sales. Once Aberdeen Group opined that companies that experience strong sales aligning with marketing get approximately 20% growth rate annually. Companies having poor alignment between marketing and sales experience a 4% decline in revenue generation. If a business holder fails to improvise consumers’ buying journey through the use of digital technologies, it will definitely reflect on the crux of business.

Therefore, it leaves no doubt that digital marketing is crucial for your business. It helps in spreading brand awareness. Currently, even the smallest business has social media presence or a strategy related to digital ad. Modern consumers know about the value of digital marketing and content and heavily rely on them for knowing about different brands and their products and services. Get in touch with a digital marketing company for remaining competitive as a business holder.

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